Sketch your design on paper. This will certainly be a door that are large enough to enter in the henhouse to collect and clean eggs. Windows on the South side for ventilation in summer and Sun, pull the cooperative of warmth in the winter. How to make a chicken coop. Houses of poultry chicken of the harmful elements in relation to the time must be protected. Look around the property, something already seen a chicken coop to build. You can use the wood, plywood or even an old shed. It is simply too much money to spend on a luxury chicken house made of new materials, with the construction of painted walls and determine what should be the Coop. Placement of chickens and birds 1 1/2 to 2 feet square each other within the cooperative for the demand for meat is generated. Hens need 8-10 square metres for each animal in the field of Justice. Chickens and their cooperatives, rural farms used will be associated to an image, but there has been a recent increase in chicken. Build the chicken coop, so front zone and back yard to the South. Launched by the rain, roof is not directly above the outer door. Suspension feeders and waterers in the Court, if the bowls at the height of the chickens again. Keep the soil will prevent the chickens still dirt in water and food. Additional purchase based on its plans of building materials. Buy wire or other fences, yard Pack. Choose feeders, drinkers and straw. A chicken coop is where laying hens, eggs, sleep and nest. Great place to buy, then a transport of prefabricated house Coop. Chickens can stay at the dry, they will be able to withstand the cold. In very cold climates, you must be sure to avoid draughts, windows closed, and you must install a lamp to provide additional heat. Increases the price of eggs, that we can do, but a chicken coop to build. ? The most impressive building. Cover all keep predatory insurance with mesh. You can install glass in the vicinity of moving windows can be completely openings let in light, but still. Build a chicken coop can be difficult or easy, depending on the size of his herd, and if you have a perm. If you are in a rural or urban life zone, raising chickens is a good way, having a constant supply of fresh ingredients. Chickens are not picky about his chicken coop when it comes to the coop to enjoy functions as a place for them in the night. Raising chickens provides not only a source of eggs and save money, but can also fertilize your natural garden. Chicken coops vary depending on the stage of life where to start the race, raising chickens (eggs, chicks or adults) and if you. To map the Interior of the cooperative. You will need a nest box for 4 or 5 girls in your herd. Also you must space Persian 6 to 10 inches for each chicken. Whole farm with wire or other enclosure fences. There should be 4 metres high. The burial of 12-inch depth of fencing and fishing off the field. This helps prevent that predators to dig in the yard. Buy a ready-made for your chicken coop to house or build one that can also be expensive. Don't need no luxury co-op, as. Installing nest boxes and perches along the walls of the Coop. Hangers should be 3 or 4 metres in height. Fill in the fields with the straw. Chicken coops is built to accommodate a large number of chickens in a single environment and protects against the elements. Chickens like to cultivate the Earth and everywhere are crap; Probably need straw or another way to keep the garbage on the floor of the House and in naked justice. You can cover the surface of the yard with mesh, see hawks, owls and the spekulierenden of chickens. You can also, millet or other tall grass on the ground covering plants from chicken to give. If you have any chicken, create a cooperative in miniature homes. They are mini chicken coops. A small but growing number of the inhabitants of the city raise chickens on the roof and small streams. The reasons for the collection of a. has brought the henhouse in an elevated position. You want to be sure the Coop and justice it is not the pools of water that accumulate during an electrical storm. ? Patio chicken keep already, this is not a relic from the era of your grandparents farm. Chickens are easy to lift and transport. Keeping hens, it is just a hobby, eggs and meat for you and fertilizer for your garden. Like all animals, chickens need decent housing. You can build a chicken coop for the chickens, even if you are not an experienced Carpenter. It should not be complicated or expensive materials. They responded to the basic needs of the chickens, they are happy and healthy. Learn more here. Make sure that there are no branches or other structures or hang out on the patio. Not Grosse Flieger of chickens, but may decide to fly and in the Court of the Castle, rather than return to the cooperative in the night. Which makes them vulnerable to predators and the weather. ,,.