Chicken coops vary a simple thread clubhouses around him, in wooden box and a piece of roof, more important than some human habitat! There are many ways, and it may seem intimidating to choose a design. Six urban or suburban rural services, aesthetics and safety of branco (loss in adjacent gardens) must take into account higher than in rural areas. There are many plans for the House, it seems attractive. Sometimes you have an aesthetic of an original design. If you have any laying hens that have a nest or a square meter of space by nesting hens 4-5 community. Laying hens on the chicken coop. A good rule of thumb is to space 6 to 10 inches of bird perch. Perches must be at least 2 m above the ground, appropriate nests. Nest boxes should should nest approximately 1 square meter, or communal nests at least a 12 inch 9 open all room of 20 square meters. Auctions can be as simple as a ladder on the wall in a corner or branches, attached to the walls of the cooperative. Milk cartons or plastic chips or straw-trimmed tanks also nest boxes; Connect them directly on a shelf or a wall. Cooperative and tractors must breathe air, gas and thus constructs within bird droppings. Chicken masters of the tent, must contain a barrel and the loss in the shadow areas. Areas where dust settles swimming is a good addition. This is as simple as a completed field of dust or sand, if there is a place on the floor of the cooperative. Find chickens with access to outdoor places for their dust baths. In winter, my chickens chooses a point somewhere in the henhouse, usually in a corner. When it is necessary to determine the amount of space required for the number of chickens you have. A particularly important aspect is how many floors to keep permanent chickens. You can create, on the large side, so that new chicks reared or purchased or for future expansion of the herd. If the birds have access to a career in outdoor, you will want to leave at least 2-3 for each animal in functioning square meters per head within the Coop and points in 4 sqm. Also can go but better. When the long winter birds (chickens don't remain out on snow-covered surfaces as), 5-10 m2 per chicken to leave. For birds, which are completely confined in a chicken tractor without pin to fresh air, give a minimum of 5 square feet apiece. Here there are only general guidelines. The larger space chicken-meat of poultry generally require more disk space for laying hens and pullets adults need more space than the chick. Most annoying problems with picking, chicken and aggression can be cured with more space, much wider plan a Coop, or can pay adjustment. Is all done and ready for them. Now, you need a place to put them when they are ready to move outdoors. You need a chicken coop, a chicken coop, a tractor but chicken? And what size? You can convert an old shed in a chicken coop. You have a shed or a barn that can be reused in a co-operative? Create a new structure, if you do not. If you can't find any generator on Craigslist or other building Coop potential classified small enough for your property are transferred. A new coat of paint, ventilation sets (make holes and covered with a network or installing Windows) and a couple of boxes of boxes or accommodation in house and you are in business. One thing to consider is the floor-a wooden floor against red if you use deep litter, nitrifying method so often. A building with no ground can be inserted by the method of deep-litter, both on a concrete slab on the ground. If you can't find, a structure that already constructed, to be reused, if you want to build the chicken coop or buy a preset. Purchase a ready-made Coop urban settlers should and farmers with small herds and aesthetic considerations. For small farmers with a few dozen chickens is to build a chicken coop, probably a better economic option. Cooperative choose, depends on whether the chickens are living full-time, have access to an alien race or larger parts of. You know: great Coop that you need the type of Foundation of the Coop or tractor is necessary if you need perches or nesting grounds and extend, build or buy your chicken coop. Here are some resources, inspiration, to find plans and prefabricated houses. ,,.