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Get a powerful 16-track sequencer, more than 1,000 kits of tools and its award-winning, integrated mixing desk, effects rack and edition of the exhibition. A producer in the making, BTV provides a stand-alone solution to earn all the essential tools to make incredible music. “ we wanted to create a product, producers seek by all people, but be ’ don't know where to start, or do not know how you ’ teams, or is not very accessible … ’, the ’ of why we were back and the beat thang virtual created solo. ” — 2 x winner of Grammy Dallas-AustinWe, where everyone knows, creative inspiration comes out next to your brain. With audio software often depends in large part on the left side of his brain, requires that, to reason, to perform the functions of the software. This often reduces thought sinister control of their music, then the process, perhaps without noticing.BTV has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. There are complex features change or x0x__albana__x0x there is the message ' style of programming or other Alternativen.BTV isn't frequently used functions, you need, are better organized. All the important functions for the creation of music have given their own keys. The rest of them moved to only click conveniently far away, loan, when you need it. This means that access to your creative inspiration, then may the best of music without borders.Create without limits: simple independent user interface, are elegant and organized. Run sequence, mix and the master with an award-winning, easy enough for a beginner, the independent user interface but powerful original do enough for the most demanding Profis.PerformTo jokes, simply press the keys on the computer keyboard. The keys are linked with the sensitive to the speed of the interface pads. First play the edit mode and use the metronome for respect and reached record levels. To add additional batteries or tools, choose a new track and play more.Determine success or fix the 8 eighth keyboard melodies. 16 samples of the pad allows emotional control, the ’ is easy and accessible, so that you can capture your imagination in real-time.Models SequencerArrange internal real time over 16 tracks (internal or external). Swing adjustable length of rod (to the track), quantification and PPQ configurations offer flexibility.Audio MIDI ControlConnect MIDI, keyboards, modules, drivers and more. Send data MIDI and BTV is a slave or master when connected to other Geraten.erstellen leaves only its unique: create tools and custom original FastDesign Kit Kit with BTV ’ governing body of the constructor. Use of Keyspan, samples in several octaves is in seconds to create your melodic instruments to expand. Compile the drums and melodic instruments with electronic speed controller trigger controlled up to 16 samples at the beginning of the plate and finish, silence over 60 built-in effects and groups more MixingUse, in their productions and 60 live show predefined effects more or create your own. Add reverb, delay, filter, Phaser, Flanger, vibrato and chorus. Customize each channel ’ band, Pan, pitch, sends more s integrated mixer and effects ’ BTV. Edit & MasterOnboard compression, limiting, EQ and many others can be added to your productions of impact and depth. Quickly change your samples in real-time. Non-destructive sample chops and changes of the full wave can adjust the volume of the ringer, resonance, Pan, cutting, start / end points, ADSR and much more.Import and export and the import of their 16 or 24 bit WAV or AIFF files say chop pork, samples, loops and for quick installation more or use in their productions and performances. To export animals or commands export songs, sketches, tracks (channels) or tablets in the form of files. individual stereo wav as 48 kHz in 16 or 24 product Bit.Dieses is available as a digital download. ,,.