Make the wall beat, beats and fiery instrumentals, with nothing more than the computer keyboard and the imagination. BTV is award-winning virtual instrument that combines a template-based sequencer mix more effect. Watch the video presentation, or learn more. Direct digital download. 100% 60 day money back guarantee. Gets a powerful 16-track sequencer, more than 1,000 premium Kit and instrument sounds, built-in mixer, effects rack and edition of the show. As an aspiring writer, BTV provides a stand-alone solution to earn all essential tools to make incredible music. “ we wanted to create a product, who want to become farmers for those but ’ 't know where you start, or ’ t know how the team to get, or was not really accessible t … ’ that is ’ because sales and the beat thang virtual. ” — 2 x Grammy winner of Dallas AustinWe everything we know, the creative inspiration comes from the side of your brain shift. Using audio software is often largely on the left side of his brain, logical to think software features that you want to run. Think often of the cerebral hemisphere of the left decreases the quality you may have to make without music.BTV has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. No function SHIFT or complicated x0x__albana__x0x news programming style or other Alternativen.BTV is not common, it is necessary, are better organized. All the important functions for creating music have their own button. The rest of them moved comfortably from point of view, only a mouse click, and the waiting list, if you need it. This means that you have improved access to creative inspiration, then can the best music without borders.You create without limits: the independent interface, simple, elegant and organized. Run, sequence, mix and master with an independent award-winning interface that are easy enough for a novice, but powerful enough for the most demanding Profis.PerformTo joke original, simply press the keys on the keyboard of your computer. The keys are connected with velocity-sensitive pads interface. Previously, enter the edit mode, recording and use the metronome for respect, the game. To add more drums and instruments, select a new track and play more.Melody belly or correction by 8 octaves on the keyboard. 16 samples in the pad gives emotional control than ’ s easy and accessible, so that you can capture the imagination in real time.Internal real-time models SequencerArrange and more than 16 tracks (internal or external). Quantification of the adjustable length Oscillation (per track), bar and PPQ settings provide Flexibilität.MIDI ControlConnect MIDI, keyboards, modules, drivers, and more. Send a slave or master MIDI information BTV, if associated with other devices.You simply create their unique sound: create custom FastDesign original Kit Kit and tools with BTV ’ aboard S. constructor Keyspan samples in different octaves your melody instruments in seconds to create develop. Compile speed by drums and melody instruments starting with control of up to 16 samples of the trigger buffer and end-driven, quiet and equipped with own groups more effects. 60 create more MixingUse, more than 60 preset effects in their productions and live performances or your own. Adding reverb, delay, filter, Phaser, Flanger, vibrato and chorus. Volume for each channel ’, Pan, pitch, sending with the BTV and effects, as well as mixer, ’ s. & & MasterOnboard compression, limiting, EQ, plus you can add their final effects and depth. Quickly change your samples in real time. Non-destructive editing and complete sample of chops shaft can turn the volume, pitch, cutoff, resonance, ADSR, start and end points and more, import WAV or AIFF, and export and import your 16 or 24 bit of your samples, loops and chops plus installation and/or in their productions and targeted fast clock. Make direct exports or exports, which many of their songs, models, tracks (channels) or padding in the form of a single stereo wav file as 48 kHz, 24-bit or 16.Dieses product is a digital download area. • Life without updates. • Free lifetime priority, supported by professional sound engineers via telephone, E-mail and Skype. • Access to a complete professional video library complete with training. Free BKE consulting • social issues • community, sweepstakes, contests and content advice. • 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked, with an email. ,,.