If you're looking for, if only BTV is a user experience pleasant, to your shots. One of the simplest is beat making software. A single window is dedicated to all the controls. Simply clicking with the mouse and keyboard by pressing thousand use also preload music that sounds. In addition, there are more than 1000 loops created earlier. All this does in BTV, better for a beginner.Only BTV, the system can access elements of user interface for the connection of a MIDI keyboard. You can also use the keyboard and mouse to select the best. There was no tracks, layers and design, a coup d ' √©tat traditional to make the software, but still manages to inspire everyone. Add 1000 + sounds only up to 16 tracks on the genius of BTV. You can automatically set to quantify his music this pace. It is the culmination of Just. However, BTV, it has more than for BTV. You can add effects, reverb or delay their sounds with section edit WAV files. Beats per minute button is one of the things the unique BTV. When you hear a song that you can only press the BPM button and automatically adjusts the sector, gives you the power to create a song with the same signature. The tutorial of how you provide with a thorough knowledge of the program and understand the interface. BTV is an excellent tool for short audio only. If you combine the imagination with the BTV interface and award-winning original modern drum sets (kit 150) library of nuances and acoustic instruments and electrical playable (150), it would be like a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. 3.233 samples and synths for less of exploration or BTV to add to your cart.We all know that just the creative inspiration on the side of the brain. With audio software often depends in large part on the left side of the brain, you want to make the functionality of the software reason. This often left thinking that the brain reduces its decision-making process of musical art, perhaps without realizing account.BTV has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. No navigation or complicated function ' x0x__albana__x0x message-programming style or other alternatives.BTV has all the features you need and the general ’ they are better organized. All the important functions for creating music received its own button. The rest of them have been moved, comfortably view, only a click away when you need it. This means that you will receive improved access to creative inspiration, then you can create the best music without borders.Create without limits: get independent, simple, elegant and organized interface. Run, sequence, mixing and award-winning master with an independent interface, which is easy enough for a novice, but powerful enough for the demanding Profis. PerformTo do original beats and just press the keys on the keyboard of the computer. The keys on the computer keyboard are connected to velocity-sensitive keys in the software interface. The ’ is very easy to start. Before the playback mode, record high levels and use the metronome for reference purposes, patterns. To add more drums and instruments, select a new track and play more. Don t like what ’ just hit Cancel. The ’ s also easy and intuitive. Establish rhythms and melodies in octaves 8 keyboards organize. 16 samples cushion gives you emotional control, the ’ is easy and accessible, so that you can write your wildest ideas in real time.BTV ’ sampler of SampleUse own log samples-16 or 24-bit Board. Use advanced such as Autochop and fiasco created editing tools to create instruments, drum kit in a few seconds. Link to the MIDI, keyboards, audio and well modules driver more. To send MIDI information BTV designed to connect to other devices to a master or slave.Models SequencerArrange internal real time over 16 tracks (internal or external). Adjustable boom length Oscillation (per track), quantification and PPQ configurations offer driver audio midi ControlConnect MIDI Flexibilit√§t., keyboards, modules and much more. To send MIDI information BTV designed to connect to other devices to a master or slave.VST / to take PluginOpen BTV in digital audio workstation (DAW) as virtual instrument and control of the entire library.Simply create your unique sound: create kits custom original FastDesign kit and tools with BTV ’ s constructor edge. use the Keyspan, create samples in different octaves to extend their melodic instruments in a few seconds. Melodic instruments and drum kits begin assignable with maximum speed of 16 samples of key team selection control and finally, speed, silent and much more. 60 built-in effects, as well as MixingUse create more than 60 effects in its productions and performances or yours. Add reverb, Phaser, delay, filter, Flanger, vibrators and choirs. Customize each channel ’ balance, volume, tone and effects more sends with BTV ’ Mixer. & MasterOnboard Bearbeiten integrated compression, limiting, EQ and many others can be added to your finished productions incidence and depth. Quickly change your samples in real-time. Destructive sample crushed and any waveform allows allows you to modify breaks volume, Pan, start/end, resonance, ADSR and much more.Unused WAV or AIFF files-16 or 24 bit samples, chops and a faster processing or use in their productions and performances. Add direct export or export your songs, for products with stereo model Instant digital download, traces (ch) or as a WAV file of individual buffers to 16-bit or 24-bit, 48 kHz of the sharps lot Y,