He has sponsored a Bill (Senate Bill 1329), written by Senator Elaine Alquist (d - CA), access to healthy food. Lookalike is the Pennsylvania initiative called the California law, law, has access healthy foods proposed private and State dollars, an Innovation Fund to create that in a timely manner communities, creativity and commercially viable models to meet the needs of a healthy diet for the poorest residents develop like supports. Bill has the support of 36 organizations, benefits representing a wide variety of health, economic development organisations, groups and community associations of food, local authorities and private sector supporters. Relief two political committees in the Senate by California approved funds of the Senate Committee, the committees of the House and the Senate with the policy prior to the credits of the Assembly Committee this fall. Despite the failure, the process problem, improving access to health and education the public about the necessity and the possibility of positive change to the healthy choice the easy choice in communities with low income to make awareness of legislators and interest built a strong and growing coalition. Everyone should be able to choose affordable and healthy food. Non-profit organizations, politicians, interested residents, entrepreneurs and other interested parties can join together to identify and implement innovative solutions to improve access to healthy foods. These solutions to improve the health of the residents, a series of benefits, economic and social, thereby helping to ensure that all residents of the communities of choice and opportunity. (ADC) worked 10 years to bring a grocery store in the community. The neighborhood, the mostly Latino and African-Americans, is home to a variety of fast food restaurants, with a small amount of healthy food decisions cellar, small and a small local grocery store. It is often up to one hour's drive bus with public transport, but residents who look to fruits with moderate prices and were buying vegetables until you a suitable bearing, to find an option, which if not impossible for the elderly and women with small children on the road has been difficult. Although the majority of the inhabitants welcomed shop, their development faces problems on the road. Small grocery store has protested, and relates to supermarket new business could be hunted. GOPI has worked with the community to support the development and an end to the protests is put. GOPI and ADC secure project financing privately for three dollars per euro of public funds. Also they have negotiated that he would at least 75 percent of new jobs for the local population an agreement with supermarket to make sure. The business, located on 125th street in Harlem, was very successful. the data of 1999 showed that the supermarket has reached or surpassed even the industry average in almost all categories. A bank branch in the shop opened its doors at the grocery store, provides a safe environment for their local banks. The store is now one of the largest departments of the product in New York City. Seven years ago opened the first supermarket others opened its doors in 2005, 20 blocked 145th Street. The second business created 200 jobs, as well as three quarters of its workers in the community. In another Community country funds by the Municipal Council to improve was years from your district west of Fresno, California of Latinos and African American residents are waiting for. Similar to like small businesses in Harlem corner of the shops on the burden of high prices for a limited selection of food and many residents left her himself on the bus on the best selection, quality and prices are available in supermarkets in other parts of the city. in 1995, the affected residents to promote gathered to concede the most wanted of the city development and priority. The construction of a supermarket was at the top of the list. Relating to affordable housing, including churches and community groups residents have begun with the Coalition, to argue a supermarket. Press conferences carried out and demands that the Council set page you your money development community $11 million to grant to build a shopping mall Center in their community. For several years these interested residents attended public hearings, met with the City Council and other officials, hundreds of residents in the meetings of the Town Council turned and worked with the media for the coverage of their campaign. As soon as the supermarket campaign won political support, the Coalition continued its efforts to ensure that the rehabilitation funds assigned to town, local officials helped negotiations the owners of the area a police station to secure the land for the site was built, the safety is in the Mall and urged to approve final zoning for the city market. Four years later, in 1999, open the food of the West Fresno Maxx. He served the community for more than six years and has a good selection of high-quality, low-cost products and other healthy foods. A Health Center for education, a locally owned Mexican restaurant, the chain of video stores and a variety of other dealers now surrounded in the supermarket. Urban environment and environmental protection policy Institute found that the communities in the middle and high income in Los Angeles County twice more numerous supermarkets including communities; the same study found that predominantly white communities more predominantly black communities are three times supermarkets and twice mainly Latino communities. A study of the various States revealed that the rich districts had more than three times supermarkets as a low-income neighborhood. While the individual decisions about their eating habits and exercise, their decisions affect the environment in which they live. According to a study, life of African-Americans in neighborhoods published in the American Journal of public health with at least a supermarket, they were more likely to meet nutritional recommendations for the consumption of fruit and vegetables and fat burning-the African-Americans live in areas without grocery stores. You have more neighborhood supermarkets resulted in a greater consumption of fruit and vegetables. On the other hand, the lack of access to healthy food can have negative effects on the people. A bad care increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other diseases that disproportionately affect people of color with fruits and vegetables. Bad habits contribute to the epidemic of obesity increases a rate alarming nationwide. The good news, however, is that it implemented by the country are many strategies, to address the lack of access to healthy foods in low-income communities. There is no evidence that the challenges for the expansion of access to healthy food choices (changing misperceptions of the companies on the local purchasing power in fears that owner shop on novel food corner storage could not sell) may be exceeded. Politicians and communities develop innovative solutions for the grocery store gap. the results are useful for retailers in food, social, economic, and the benefits for the health of the residents, their families and communities. Grocery stores, as well as other types of retail and services such as banks, pharmacies and restaurants, create community benefits are key elements of livable communities and works well and can improve their economic and social health far more. Communities in distress, high levels of poverty years loss of population and jobs and the benefits of physical and economic decline for new developments have seen because grocers, ft can contribute to the economic development and the revitalization of the area. Local businesses to the creation of jobs for the residents, collecting dollars spent, currently outside the community, money laundering in the local economy and the local sales tax revenue to increase. Moreover, these large amounts of anchor, the increase of in traffic, drawing in other stores, other products and services can sell his used the supermarkets and grocery stores to generate. New shops and supermarkets, which the Community institutions to search also benefit. They often have a competitive advantage, there is a density of purchasing power, little competition and the available work. Because they are located in low-income, communities of color, these shops have also the opportunity to understand how race are more responsive to the needs and the ethnic diversity is increasing in the suburbs. But not all communities have the possibility, in shops or supermarkets. Some people vote instead on the increase or the upgrade of the healthy food options to small ethnic markets or comfort or convenience stores more, to grocery stores or specialty store. Convert a small business in a good community, local dealers build positive relationships with the residents and to the revitalization of the community can contribute. This strategy may want to be more feasible in communities, the major development challenges or see several immediate improvements in the local food supply. The challenge is that change banks to convince their selection of goods. Products, as opposed to chips and soft drinks, are perishable; Therefore have to benefit, corner-shop owners the opportunity to camp, fresh and moves fast. The community-based solutions, a grocery store, fought their proximity to some communities for years. Medium for merchants to invest and fixing the floors in densely populated areas are some of the difficulties. But there are other examples like States and communities in the country sent you. Company and developer community, local government and residents of the organized community can play an important role for these challenges and achieve a new supermarket. Understand the barriers and two essential components for the development of sustainable food production, retail markets are working with the parties. In Harlem, two community organizations, the triangle of the East Harlem Abyssinian (GOPI) and. in 1960 and 1970, left as white families, average classes urban centres for houses in the suburbs, escaped supermarkets, where the jobs, tax revenues and its healthy and affordable food offerings. The lack of access to healthy foods makes it difficult for families who stay in low income urban communities, to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. Eat these families have limited transportation options to buy unhealthy fast food restaurants or the corner of the local shops. These small shops, although cheaper at an angle they usually offer less healthy foods, are poorly maintained and pay higher prices, sometimes up to 49 per cent higher than the supermarkets. Your selection consists of fresh meat and products mainly processed and canned foods and very little food, if any. Numerous studies have documented the differences in the number of supermarkets in poor communities of color, compared to communities more prosperous, white. For example a study by. (LEJ), a non-profit community based in Bayview Hunters point, low-income communities of color in South San Francisco, he launched, the good neighbor, an alliance between Bayview are associative organizations, businesses and the city administration to improve the quality of food available. Started by surveying explain inhabitants to determine their wishes and habits to interest to buy healthy foods in a local store of purchase. They developed program criteria that define that limit good neighbors store including dedicated by at least 10 percent stock of fresh products and another 10-20% of other healthy food inventory, food stamps, accept the promotion of tobacco and alcohol, and compliance with environmental and health regulations. Stores that accept to comply with these technical criteria and training, energy efficiency updates oversaw to sell support for marketing and subsidies for the first purchases about healthy eating and how the tests. LEJ activities, CATA also engaged in awareness-raising and promoting food and nutrition education, urging the residents of the community to protect the local businesses. Meanwhile, the program to other stores is penetrated. Political support made Pennsylvania the first State of the country economic development initiative to improve access to healthy food in rural and urban communities in 2003. Since then, the legislature has $100 billion-economic stimulus package by Governor Ed Rendell $2.3 billion for agricultural projects, including the development of grocery stores and farmers markets dedicated to. At the same time, the Governor created a leverage Fund effect, the. (or THERESALVNJOHN4LIFEX), which supports the development of new businesses in urban and rural communities in Pennsylvania underserved. Fresh food financing initiative has $20 million for the Governor, the money received, with $60 million in the form of loans from banks, private markets and new resources form a group of funds of $80 million for the input of the communities that traditional control require financial institutions operated fresh food retailers. The initiative includes development grants and loans, the purchase of real estate and equipment financing, financing, gaps and investment construction and permanent financing of the project. The first supermarket of THERESALVNJOHN4LIFEX funded was the ShopRite southwest of Philadelphia, opened its doors in September 2004 and 258 jobs, more than half went to the local population. In California, consulting, together with. ) offer a public space that supports social interaction and support small-scale farmers, fresh food, the inhabitants of high quality and can be used by small business incubators when markets provide opportunities for residents, objects, such as products of the bakery and other products for sale. Community support agriculture (,,.