5 dried beef Gary West: other food, eating alone in the journey. But if you need some protein and sweets are fed up with, this is the trick! Boeuf Gary West jerky makes no mystery of Angus beef certified meat. Hotel bar 6: my favorite bar of energy. Combinations of fruits and nuts are really very good, and there is a lot of garbage inside. 7 shape bun with cheese cream: sometimes buy a bagel with cheese cream at the airport. It is usually cheap and filling. 8 stretch leather Island fruit: fresh fruits can be incredibly complicated! Not normally eat so little, but it is very convenient to travel. 9 wild garden hummus and chips: I'm not sure that I like, but certainly the combination of chips and humus discovered, can be flooded if you miss a meal. Are you on the plane? Discover the Epicurious. As someone who was happy to find some mouse RID unriddable seriously, I am surprised, to see the negative comments, which appear in a relatively short time released, I wonder if they are bad/old product from Amazon (there was a problem in the quality of bags of November last - see note at the site of the new cabin). I wonder also if enough bags and position correctly.All of this works and has worked when nothing more happened. Mouse entered the winter before last, nothing of what we have tried to rid of rows of ring, vangstrips, poison bait, we have even bought the electronic rat Zapper here on Amazon and there is always a but. We have tried every conceivable and placed bait in any direction. We have finally launched the ball in 2. I was never very close to everything. However, the mice are (my house is clean, among other things, and we seal all potential food sources, unnecessarily) that is carried out. I found the new site of the cabin and decided to try it as a last resort. I ordered 2 cases for good measure and 2 bags of each placed piece more traps. It worked! No other sign of a mouse did not. Replace bags that after a few months and the old, as shown. I am happy that now do not worry about poisons or deal with the creatures died in the fall (BOO!). This is an absolute blessing. Like the fragrance, which is a matter of personal taste as always. I like by accident and is perhaps the first week after the opening of a new bag, and then try this discourse by the aroma of the wine cellar may not be very obvious. I used to cool long cabin, until it was sold at Amazon and have much experience with it. Also bought the Amazon # 1, most important, key to the success of this product is that the room you put in _ _ have very little or not of the flow of air at the same time _ any _ treat the area. Also time to open the window, the product will be significantly reduced efficiency. The second most important key is that you should use enough packets, smell very strong to the human nose. Smell may exclusively appeal to you, or not. (It smells like a Christmas tree, herbal, slightly spicy). In a medium-sized room, found, need 1-2 packages of the room to keep the smell of a level that distribute rodents. That strong smell, should be replaced regularly, like the strong smell of permanent is the only way to keep rodents. Once the smell disappears, probably rodents will return (that I have experienced it). And just like some rooms in his house to treat rodents can find their way into the rooms without packages.If you can keep your House with outdoor air very little or not in the baseline - and packages in upper guard to replace this product on a basis regular, then Yes, it really works. -works best: winter, if hot water radiator heat and allow Windows near all time. Summer, if you leave the air conditioning air conditioning or window and windows closed all the time maybe it might not work: in winter, when forced hot air and leave the window shut down completely depends on the amount of air you can run the heat, not working at all: when you leave with air conditioner and the window. Or at any time of the year when you open your windows regularly. (Even occasional open windows are significantly reducing the effectiveness of the product and require much more frequent exchange of packages for keeping rodents outdoors).) I know because I used the window; It never opened in my office, I have heat and hot water and central air conditioning and we have this product in different environments - that was before, in this environment, the product really works. In my office we heat gun is hot, very regularly in winter, so we don't have another option to open the window. When you open the smell dispersed and usually returns even after closing Windows, because at this point, the nose has gone out the window. The third environment, which have and have used is my homeland, forcing hot air (which seems to bring in air from outside), and since I have an air conditioner in the summer I have to keep several windows open.In short, if you live in the right neighborhood, this product works like a dream. Actually you hit you rodents, if the odor is strong enough. Make sure you caution do not leave out the smell of very bright, because they come to rodents.If you live in the wrong environment, these packages will unfortunately be a waste of money - if you are ready to buy dozens of them, that would be the only way to keep the outside air with the odor in a House. Mouse was apparently rejected because over time shit enough in the new cabin on this topic isn't really. I wish I was joking. 5 star 5.0 Alleluia, works! As someone who was also crazy with joy, to find something, really in serious unriddable rid of mice are surprised by the negative reviews here, because they are engaged in a relatively short period of time, I wonder if they are bad/old product from Amazon (there was a problem in the quality of bags of November last - see note at the site of the new cabin). Me too. You almost can hear mouse sounds country dancing to chillar in my pantry cabinets, to celebrate festivals, Christmas songs and the new head of cabin with fresh fragrance as they devour our food! I have a cedar pantry shelf in my kitchen with three shelves and you notice that the rascals are carried out in the cold season, chewing with small stools and food containers. So he sent the husband who Ace a box cab fresh, buy my mother told me to give him a chance, since it is an alternative eco-compatible and human (like me half of a hippie, is not to kill the boys). $15 then I have two bags in my Cedar class dwellings average (say square feet of enclosed space 1 x 8, so I folded it) created and he fell asleep. In the morning, I opened the Cabinet to find, that it was not only a new food crop, which was a box of Taco shells, stack fresh cab shit bags but they drew against. To my surprise when you upgrade the second bag, cabin via eaten by bags and took several Weirs on it! However, since these things are out, working on a tractor or a garage or RV it is beyond me, if they work in a small gated. Seems that the money really enjoyed the aroma of breakfast and fresh cab you got in the festive spirit, because thanks to a tub of shortening, a bag of chips of chocolate (sealed in a box of coffee), a bag of brown sugar (also sealed in a jar) and hat.nur a little more ingredients and eating a bag of bread flour biscuits have the right things pleasant holiday! The bottom line, save your $15 and not buy any trap to kill a human being, poison and sticky are simply sadists. I have bought a cat can, which can contain $30 (works as a crab trap on but can not be stopped) and attract them with peanut butter and leave them on the road to the neighbouring House bored. Cabin fresh field also says that the receipt and UPC of the container can send them and we will refund your $ $ $- plan your hips; ). I bought it (locally, not in Amazon) because had mice in my 2010 Subaru, which a week ago. I have 4 packages of fresh cab car (two in front, one in the back seat) and the other at the rear of the desert for 4 days and 3 mice tail fall captured in these 4 days. [It's more cool cabin, I took more 2 mouse].Here is what does not work, in addition to the product: 1 ball of cotton wool soaked with peppermint oil. 2. bleach water is poured into the perimeter of the machine 3. Soaked rags in ammonia around the machine 4. The dryer sheets. 5. a product that has touches of double Mint gum and is similar to the freshness of the cabin. 6 packages. Dotted with naphthalene balls (three cases), around the perimeter of the car. It seems to work: it would fall to put them in the car and the mouse, to win a few cubes is also found in car, the cube.Collage, fall into the car works better than the snap snap-in. A trap of glue, glue for use in things very sticky floor, so they turned and stuck to your carpet.Perhaps the most important Council of a lesson learned two years ago: all foods that are not in the car. A bag of 50 kilos of sunflower seeds forgot in the trunk an Avalon several weeks is particularly beneficial to avoid. 5 star fresh CAB 1.0 works for me because I had mice in my 2010 Subaru a week ago I bought this (local, not Amazon). I have 4 packages of fresh cab car (two in front, one in the back seat) and the other at the rear of the desert for 4 days and 3 mice tail fall captured in these 4 days. [It's more cool cabin, I took more 2 mouse].Here is what is not. in retrospect, I think I was naive to believe that parasites of the city of New York, strongly every day, you could have saved in sizes of endless human waste and bathing in the waters of sewerage of Potpourri.I offer my experiences honest God with fresh cab: a family of rats in my kitchen moved at times in the past three months. Nausea in mortal but tired methods my spaces already in close quarters with the contamination of food, without being invited, that lead to the roommate to share disease box bought four Pack cleaned all small streets Pooplets mouse and in earnest, carefully blocked a package in each column and in the corner where it had discovered the biggest pile of shit. My kitchen smells wonderful - I love this fragrance, Woody was eagerly awaiting the results see (or not).A week later, I clean my floor and I realized that one of the packages - which, in the fragment of space between the oven and my kitchen sink - forget and covers broke through shit. Yes, open people - and ripped. The mouse not only walked anywhere in the package and desecrated openly, but in reality it was devoured eating by the dwelling and its contents. The other three packages were intact, but also complete shit. Needless to say it, I'm still hairy forces combatants. (Autumn).With all the positive reviews on Amazon are still willing to believe that taxi well for some people, works, but little more than a city center served as a tasty snack for the mouse. Be careful, City: everything that lives comfortably on the garbage and sewage pipes will be pushed upward by the pleasant smell of balsam fir. We have 115 years of hunting from a deer cabin in Northern Minnesota, we have about two weeks a year. You know us each rodent poison, but they only last until they have eaten and not do anything in bats or squirrels. I started with fresh cab 2 years ago, and I am surprised how it is effective with natural fragrances that keep animals. Oil and spices to air out quickly in the cabin and not allow an abnormal odor in our baume hunting clothes. I thought that it is effective. The two rooms set cabin square feet a package or two every six months. ,,.