At Imperial College I concentrate on breast cancer research. We are trying to identify new markers for early detection of breast cancer. In the course of the year, individuals and organizations are wonderful things to raise money for breast cancer. Here are some current pictures. Women know what is available after the diagnosis, so that they can make informed decisions about your treatment. Sign the petition, doctors to inform patients of the mother of all their options before you to require an operation.Options available upon request. Sign the petition. ». I am a man, how can I breast cancer? I didn't, but I did it. Two surgeries of later, two rounds of chemotherapy, three types of radiation, no family, no girl, I'm just using my amazing doctors and my good friend my Lord Jésus Christ. Has me really strong … click here to learn more about Gary. What to do when you have finished your treatment? Celebrated in one form or another, of course! In this case, I wanted to celebrate my one year Cancerversary. 4 October 29 came quickly after the operation on implant-Wed March — as fast as he could go six months. I was going to a party. I wanted money for cancer. I wanted to go home or go! All my wishes, after what I've done? My husband and I along with a couple of friends went to the dinner instead. Although I have no plans, I wanted to do, was still a blast. We remember those who love her, despite all those who have helped me, was the best form of celebration. It is simply that I needed for my soul. ,,.