It is not really necessary. You don't really need a tuner, TV on your pc to see also if you are in the Internet. The product is good but apart fragile from the Lil antenna. Published 2 months ago by Hitandlynn. It's not bad for the money. However, the tuner USB of twice second was okay; The remotes were not. None. Spend a little more $ $ the next time you have to pay. Posted by Terri Freeman, 20 months ago. It worked pretty well for me, and I'm glad that I chose this tuner. The image and the sound, especially with the HD are perfect. But good home. The mine was on a touch of old, complete with analog antenna connected and have very good results. Better reception than my analog TV converter box. Then I tried to plug the external antenna next to my house are. I have 14 my local channels and the reception of digital channels is great. Of course analog will be unusable in a few months. I recommend an external digital antenna, well. Without a good reception, you have a number of problems, including the image/audio quality, audio and video sync (this can be rectified by the channel reloads) arms, etc., is quite difficult on HD channels and multitasking resource can sometimes be a problem, even though there is very little. Is the cheapest, and I think the best way to HDTV, however due to the DVR and comfort properties.The supplied software (Blaze HDTV player 3.5) is useful and has some interesting features, but it is very flawed and leaves much to be desired. There are other solutions, such as the excellent freeware KMPlayer and CyberLink Power cinema (not worth it). VLC supports ATSC also in a new beta version. Of course works, that no one with the remote control. After testing other programs but I am flamed about four. It pretty much goes well, respect. E-mail program including instructions is to plan a little joke and recordings, but there is a good online guide for [,]. And so far, I could not blaze to work across multiple monitors.To sum up, I recommend, if you have a to get good reception. In-box drivers were not valid. After downloading the Web page, the unit has never really worked and guaranteed never responded to my emails or calls. ,,.