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It was announced, at night, with an article on Billboard.biz only after an agreement with Nielsen SoundScan, that Billboard would exclusive album titles, which were available, from a dealer in the diagrams are effectively in the same week. Goodbye, route on Eden would be head of the Billboard 200, while the blackout debuted at number two with sales of 290,000 copies. Blackout was scheduled to be released on November 13, 2007. But Jive has announced on October 10, 2007, the release date of two weeks, October 30, 2007, output could be moved. It is a little lighter than the blackout. I think I walked very dark many songs that I have now to a phase of my life, so many songs that they reflect. [.] But they are two totally different mood. The failure is a little more dark and daring and a little more urban. the second single from the album released. Critics gave positive reviews to the song, in praise of his work and his words of challenge, while cited as one of the strong points of the blackout. It was originally for the planned November 30, although prisa month did not ultimately authorized on October 30, after several had. It notes that, although the album did not poetry, flee from blackout, something glorious is an album of dance perfectly serviceable claiming more success in the class of elements play electro, [is] that it brings abundant pop vocabulary. He also fail the quality of each song attributed to economic reasons, because causes major albums began to sell at the root of suffering. or reach the numbers 18 and 43 in the United States and experienced moderate success in the world. Unlike his previous albums, heavily promote not Spears Blackout; his only appearance for the blackout was universally criticized an idea of gives me more, the. Writer Sal Cinquemani opposite the album unfavorably to the area say that although scores of good blackout and its relationship to sharpness is considerably high, [] a surprising step for Britney very strong again in 2003 suite not what a claim to write most of the songs (as opposed to a meager three) recibidasel third and final single from blackout. It received positive reviews from music critics, who reigned as electronically on the album. But he made his debut at two, with revenues from the first week of 290,000 copies after a change in the rules at the last minute. So the first Britney Spears Blackout album not to debut at number one in the United States, although it was later certified. Tom Ewing called naked (I have a plan) the fourth album-maestro and more added as modern pop excellent blackout, which probably was only released from this star at this time. Britney as a catastrophe market, the power of large copy of accident and its Blackout In Usa files, that when a you may want to be, overshadowed his professional commitment.It represents the previous blackout works, a game Britney Spears music with a dark and atmospheric sound in terms of musical and lyrical direction. He has worked with producers such as. The influential magazines pin also unknown as best album of the year 2000, with critical comments Brad Shoup without molasses, 54 ° pity: is Britney, the. Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone, in comparison with a piece of me, showing once again affect it Britney had current pop Sonics. Making a mockery of people's Britney, and why not, but if something shows, is Telephone that perhaps the blackout five years most influential pop album. Kelefa Sanneh of the New York Times said Spears has become a spectral presence on their album, explains that compared to their previous albums, [she] cut a surprisingly low profile in although blackout [-] as an orderly ex-trafico was connected. Unlike Spears Blackout was not strong the previous Britney albums promoted through interviews of magazines, show performance productions or TV, as well as the performance of music awards and no tour is accompanied. Ewing said, that blackout serves to remind how instantly recognizable voice of Britney Spears, treated or untreated: its thin hoarseness is one of the defining sounds of the 00s pop. He said that it could interrupt processing study a masterclass for car tuning and the voice as an instrument and can be strangely inappropriate blocking songs, help more mysteriously said an important event and a troubling aberration counties of blackout, manufactured or what all also clearly progressive song and strange, account. He said that the failure for the first time in his career, expressed genuine reflection on his life and will be unstable the best dam pop jams until a social worker of their successes, announced in a press release that the album blackout, referring to the set of negativity and embracing life fully would be (RIAA) for shipments of over 1 million. Drawn Record in the top 10 nationally several letters on the international scene and has received various certifications worldwide. End 2011, blackout had sold 3.5 million copies worldwide.Three singles were the curtains. Your. Erlewine of AllMusic says that Britney is an artist who has carefully following always rely on it these images show formed character but to blackout [We] Re has been replaced by photos of Britney hit cars with reclining chairs, rub the greasy fingers on designer clothes and sleeping on the stage, each new disaster, peeling away all the sensuality of residue on their public image. 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