the theory of planetary alignment (in a larger article about the false rumor of Mayan calendar the prophesied end of world in 2012), there is no planetary alignment on the winter solstice in the year 2012. Talking about the importance Blackout In Us 2012 of family pension disaster. While preparing the wax over the need of families for the unexpected (be a terrorist attack, an earthquake or a flood), as the first item of the moment where everyone will meet, has no effect on this video in which the global blackout, the regulations of the universe or change dimension zero. The video link is clearly playing for at least a semblance of credibility to presented to offer this nonsense: 2012, it is said that if you have had a cold feeling completely black and there are flashing lights, nothing is going to happen, it's just an extraordinary phenomenon which occurs every. 2012 is not the end of the world, there is an alignment of the universe, where the Sun and Earth for the first time. Earth the third dimension to dimension zero, and then in the context of change in size. During this transition, which is the universe faced a major change and we will see a new world. That. ,,.