He predicted that the air bombing night UK which attack many victims suffering of the civilian population and the weapons of mass destruction. It was generally agreed that it would be more difficult if the artificial lights of the Earth could be swept away the orientation and navigation. In July 1939, public information booklet No. 2 (part of), black carp, served in the second world war to prevent the enemies of see the light airs. 4 get a public shelter, one o. precipitated (simple black curtain that comes to light or stop blocking). This step has been changed since the beginning of the nuclear era, where were the white curtains, according to Flash heat pump (see, the benefits of the air attack of blackout are now largely against a technologically sophisticated white enemy explained). Already before. German war during the action of the sinking, was Blackout Curtains Made In Usa introduced in September 1944, a power outage allows lighting up to the equivalent of the moon. A power outage would have imposed a warning sound. Full lighting was cleared in April 1945; the day on 30 April, Hitler committed suicide. Restrictions have been significantly increased the risk of blackout rolling night and losses as well. Thus, improved things and speed limits were reduced. The planned increase in the crime rate is not maintained. (ARP) Training literature), he felt the need for a popular discipline, aimed at ensuring power failure power failure time, governs tight. The blackout was applied by ARP-guard, which would ensure that no building of the smallest crack or a burst of light only allowed. United States do not to attack the air has been exposed, but on the Atlantic coast, lack of power outage coastal did expose shipping silhouette alloy and therefore attack German u-boats. Coastal communities who were opposed to the introduction of a power cut for reasons of convenience, citing possible damage to tourism. The result was the catastrophic loss of the expedition, battle of the German company Jr. who. Stores and factories, has had particular problems. It was impossible plants with Crystal panels blackout large, temporary and permanent methods (z. b. color) to install natural light lost during the day. Local businesses have had to install door double door light show, as guests arrived and were to avoid enemies. It was used to keep the inner light. Paving of window may mean a permanent semi blackout.In the Decade of 1940 to 1950 as neighbourhoods. 1 September 1939, before the outbreak of war, the rules were imposed blackout. This requires that all the doors and windows should be covered with a suitable material as thick cardboard tents or color to escape any glimmer of hope, could help the enemy aircraft. The Government has assured that they had the necessary equipment. ,,.