Could be problematic. However in contrast to the yo-chon, which is a non-shedding Morskie hybrid and therefore hypoallergenic.Now, before you say whole blood is better ” see to that, which is to own a dog standard, keep in mind that these hybrid dog Bichon recognized Club recognized worldwide, including the American designer hybrid dogs Dog Kennel Club breed Register, designer and the designer of the international dog Registry. Then again, why leave the question according to the genealogy is a big problem. If the animal is bred pure mix Bichon Bichon Frise, ’ most important ISN t want a pet that wants back. Instead of ” mixtures, called these special dogs to the best bichon frise hybrid Bichon Frise Yorkie Mix Dogs ” “. These hybrids are the Bichons with other breeds to Kreuze. Ist one of the most popular hybrid Bichon Shih Tzu, which is a cross between the bichon frise and the Chinese lap dog, Shih Tzu. Bichon shih tzus have a white coat, pale brown or light. Don has a slightly protruding nose and tear ducts, then you are ’ 't have slanted eyes, this is a problem for both races. In contrast to the Bichon breed also the Bichon-poodle is not more common frise hybrid is so sensitive to Hautprobleme. of Mischungen Bichon, known as ”, Juliana Bichonpoo ” or simply Bich-POO ”. Have the same social temperament and lovingly as their parents, Thoroughbred, Bich-Poos have a strong genetic constitution. This means that these hybrids is no longer likely to catch diseases, the Bichon purebred with municipalities and to influence the poodle. Some Bich-Poos presented with very curly hair, which characterizes most of the poodle.A different mix of the bichon frise is Bichon Yorkie that is a cross between the bichon frise and the Yorkshire Terrier. It is known by several nicknames, including ”, Bichon Borkie Yorkie ”, yo-chon ” ” Kale or Yorkshire. Yo-chon can come to dark colors Brown or light brown or white. You can also submit myself with soft ear same as his father some antagonism TERRIER. Though it is a friendly and sociable dog, has inherited her parents ' qualities Thoroughbred-obstinacy acquired yo-chon Bichon and included the Yorkies. With double ” obstinacy, you have a dog that is heavy. In addition, the yo-chon is throwing that some parents, then more often need to brush them tend to have more hair. If you have allergies, a yo-chon is perhaps not a good pet to keep.Finally all the mixtures of bichon frise is the Maltese or simple Morskie. This hybrid of dog is similar to yo-chon in which tend to be stubborn, at home. ,,.