History: Date/country of origin: foreigners mysterious and exotic 1400 is Spain / the history of the similar to the curly Bichon. Some argue a Maltese language as a foundation stock, others see a little poodle or barbet. The truth is that the race is probably a mixture of the best games of the series of stuffed animals. The breed is an ancient breed. Bichons were favorite toys from the middle ages the noble Mr. The Mediterranean region dispersed, because sea captains knew that you could buy favor dog with one of the small snakes. But also as royalties, which reduces the Fortune is the Bichon frise. But for a dog that has been high, please, had other opportunities to earn a living. Commitment to the circus. The small puffs from nearly a century have fun clown public dancing dogs as companions of Mills's organ. It was popular in France, but it was not until 1950, which began an international post. He gave full recognition from the American Kennel Club as a member of the non-1973. Bichons are literally clowns. Enjoy entertaining people and many circus believes that most are actually dogs poodle dogs Bichon. Also known as the name of the dog in Tenerife, the exact origin of this cheerful and affectionate breed is unknown. These dogs are bold and lively, attractive, fit, happy. The last companion, found great popularity. Regular maintenance is essential for all Bichons. They get a wrap style, average credit card continues with bathroom, brushing and frequent visits to a professional hairdresser. Low-maintenance are maintain your skin with a shorter length. The Bichon does allergy skin problem. They are easy to train good family dogs and I've been very well with other dogs. 7 to Bichon Frise Weiner Dog Mix 12 pounds and stand 9-11 1/2 behind. Please contact dog breeders below his closest family friend. claims make the mistake which has crossing points that Barbichón has led to the creation of the race. In reality, yet the word Bichon ” “ (. “ long-haired dog ”) has been since 1588 when compared with the Barbichón ” “ (small poodle ” “), was used the 1694. The time to use these two terms as historical documents, claiming that the race is originating in the 15th century. Century, which is enough signs to the Bichons, which belongs to the Bichon Frise, much larger than the Barbichons. People are not animals - and most dogs love tease quite the idea that each animal has its own personality. The Bichon Frisé is no different. In fact they are owners of Bichon, he would be smart are these dogs - see and talk with them and the many ways in which are found. In fact, such a link between the dog and its owner can not possible if there is no such special chemistry-independent personalities.If you are familiar with the breeds of dogs, he would probably, there is a hint of pretentious, elegant with them their pampered corran, high-end. I evoke an aura of class. . Why is part of your family, have the information available, to make sure that you took the right decision. Curly Bichon is the main reason why people want these dogs pets because they are cute and adorable, like stuffed animals. A plus for the race is their playful temperament. Love dogs have found that the perfect for you with animal allergies shed light on Bichon. Some individuals have a dubious looking only the puppy well bichon frise with the infamous “ Pepsi against Coca-Cola ” challenge test taste approached him and more than a Jahrzehnt.Es, but the choice of such right much more. It is a great pleasure, each owner of a House is the kitchen for your family and friends close. These include, try gourmet dishes in preparation for contests in fact have seen MasterChef kitchen ” “ and “ big boss ”. The holiday season is the best time to crank treats like cookies, Brownies and cakes as gifts to love. However, there is someone who I will probably forget this Christmas, i.e. his beloved Bichon Frise. You like a party for everyone, the Bichon is also a gift special in your Geschenkeliste.Kein need a new toy Bichon more expensive because it will decide to chew into pieces.? Prepare a delicious House for your pet, will surely enjoy.Here are some recipes for delicious holiday, your Bichon ’ tingling is sweet … 1) chilled creamy banana consumption. they are prone to develop all pet owners should be aware of certain diseases. How people formed the basis for good health in Bichons prevention and early detection. Whereas the methods of careful breeding and genetic testing, minimizes any risk of a hereditary disease, history of Bichons are very important, the father, because it is likely that your dog, certain diseases may be vulnerable, suffering from their parents in the past. It's infectious diseases and other problems, such as skin, eyes, diseases and ear, epilepsy, hip and common problems and heart disease. Also don ’ forget that this aging process weakens some diseases such as bones and has poor eyesight and hearing. But remember that these delicacies can be fattening if you want to give your Bichon. The practice of Temperance passed to delicious holiday dog treats. It is better to buy a pet. Some have same pop psychology in this decision, believing that with the boys, the girls more aggressive and integrated personality differences between males and females, the male population and female Bichons even - more gentle and docile. There is nothing further from the truth. In fact, found Bichons females have a light aggressive when it comes to protecting their young. It is to create a list of potential breeders in your area, where buy you a puppy. The list can be the search on the Internet with names and addresses, that are compiled. Some may have recommended by your veterinarian, shop pet or close aides. You can research more about the race that will help in the determination of the breeder.Once you have your list, you can start to plan appointments with each breeder. Take the time for the questions that you ask the breeder. Make sure you plan one morning and one on a day - in the afternoon for a maximum of two breeders. You need long time to visit not only for interviews, but in his kennel and other structures. It may take two or three visits, before being sure that is a breeder. ¿(Aquí está una lista de cosas que grabará durante su visita ael bichon frise criador … 1) puppies are stored, = is a special or just inside the House? Are the cages clean? Enable the service socialization of puppies and people, as well as with other dogs? (2) puppies minds are happy and cheerful =? Yap and wags its tail, or against a wall of the cage in the welcome message? Shy, cautious or even suspicious? Puppies, offend human contact, or in its cage of removal may be a sign that breeder which do not apply the techniques of socialization or even animals of human rights violations. 3 can commit) ask reputable breeders mother = must be very happy to meet her mother. You must be in good health and a good temperament. (4) observe structures = there must be enough space for the game. Some livestock facilities also have the room where even the puppies can relieve. The Kennel must be also very clean. Be careful, if the farmers are pleased to offer the complete turn 5) information on veterinary services are connected, with = inspected, records of medical examinations and vaccination of the puppy. (6) breeder ’ is = a good breeder should, in particular, grates of the breeding females and other details of the breeding process. 7 knowledge) Note If the breeder invites to the most prestigious breeders new = potential for owners of pets with their puppies had initially family. This allows you to find the puppy for you. This helps to determine if an animal is also responsible breeders.When you buy a puppy, have decided to ensure that journal - herd-treaties and documents in order, before you sign on the dotted line.Remember, however, that the trip is a real. ,,.