Save me! Hint: close a dog jump, relied on your furniture without permission. This can lead to more behavior problems and dangerous. . Is happier when he has his family with him. Dog bone and special occasions, love of food puts ice cream puppies. Suzi the bichon frise, 5 years OldSuzi the bichon frise, 5 years, OldSuzi of the Bichon Frise, aged 5 years. The Bichon is a fluffy little white dog that loves human company. Has an independent mind, he is intelligent, affectionate and bold. This sweet and charming dog is not talkative. It has a confident and cheerful character, it is easy to live. This brilliant little dog is easy to train and as old as everyone else. You need people to be happy. Are naturally sociable and are happiest when they are part of a family that takes them everywhere. This sociable trait also means that they are good with other dogs and pets and are excellent with children. As guard dogs and tricks used, this race is competitive and compliant. How many small breeds, the Bichon. . The Bichon was changed by Spanish sailors in the world. Finally, the dog was a favorite of the Royal courts of the century French. Dog was a popular organ player and also a circus performer in the 19th century. The bichon frise today is primarily a companion dog and the map. The bichon frise was recognized by the AKC in 1972. The bichon frise can live in an apartment if it gets enough exercise. They are fairly active indoors and without a yard. . But with the techniques to marry, she is a fast learner. Callie is the softer, more relaxed. It's fun and gentle around children. We are so happy that we host and now a very important part of this famille. example of a show of courtesy bus Bev, example of Bichons from heaven for a show of courtesy bus Bev, examples of sky Bichon Bichon, Bichons, Bichon, creative with friendly permission of Bev is buses, Bichons, Bichon rescue Cielce Max at the age of 15 years. We saved him, as has one year and since then has been part of our family. He is blind, but that has stopped. Loves attention and will. The bichon frise is a sturdy dog. If the dog in a show the body to cut, cut beams look a round. The skull is slightly rounded. The muzzle is shorter than the skull is not, and keeps a little pronounced. The round eyes are dark brown or black. The ears are removed, covered with long hair. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The legs are straight and the middle of the bone. The Rams are usually deleted. The tail is carried over the back. Double soft touch coat. The coat is of 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) long and thick and curly as the dense Undercoat. The coat color Bichon Frise Dog Rescue is apricot, cream, gray and white solid. White is preferred in the ring. The fur is hypoallergenic. The owner of the animals is usually a puppy dog care easy clip, has the same length throughout the body. The dog may be designated, with their hair cut like a poodle or a long hair and inflated with foot-and-mouth disease. This race must be prepared frequently and bathed each month. It is recommended that professional care every 4 weeks. Eyes and ears with blunt scissors, cut and clean your eyes to prevent smudging. Exposure dogs will be cut with a pair of scissors. Dog's body can be cut with an electric hair Clipper when the rest of the dog with a pair of scissors must be cut. The Bichon produces little or even no hair and is suitable for allergy sufferers. Slamming and even bite. These are not the traits of the Bichon cave, but I prefer launched behaviors by the way is the dog. When they begin the dogs Pack leader and ever confident, calmer and more aggressive against the dog being daily walks Pack, the Bichon is a very stable, reliable dog. and tracks, which often gets! I love muffins walk and see the jump and dance through the fields. Is very good, because we are at home, with many large areas of life! Adults Bichon Frisec is Callie. 2 years has just adopted a bichon frise. It was never the case. . The need for bichon frise rules to follow and limits, what are and are not allowed to do. You also need a diary. ,,.