The bichon frise has produced originally rooted in the Mediterranean, by the crossing of barbet (a large water dog) with white small, dogs. This product of the cross are a family of dogs, called Barbichons, was eventually shortened to Bichon. The Bichons were classified into four types: the Maltese, Bolognese and Havanese and Tenerife. Tenerife, the bichon frise, Tenerife on the Canary Islands developed guest appearances was probably there by Spanish sailors in ancient times. In the 14th century, Italian sailors reported specimens from the island to the Mainland, where it quickly a favorite of top-class pets become. After a series of invasions of Italy in the 16th century French, the little dogs were adopted by the French. Bichon Frise Animal Planet Dogs 101 Special animals were Francis I and his successor, Henri III. You enjoyed also popularity in Spain, but for some reason, the popularity of the breed throughout Europe declined. It experienced a brief revival during the reign of NapoleĆ³n III at the beginning of the 19th century, but faded again quickly, please. Thus began a new chapter in the history of the Bichon, as it sank the Court common street dog preferred. The Bichon survived, however due to his tendency to tricks performed and appeared with street vendors and mills of the organ to entertain passers-by or for fans of the show for the money. With the advent of the first world war, they were lost almost dogs small. Some dogs were taken by soldiers in the House, but was founded to save any real race effort, which some French breeders began a serious effort to establish the breed. in 1933, the name was officially hair bichon frise (bichon frise layer). The race was threatened, once again, this time by World War II and came to America in the 1950s, that his future became more secure. In this case reached even the bichon frise not covered, to it a new haircut and more advertising in 1960. The race soon caught the attention of fans and was recognized by the AKC in 1971. The surprising aspect of the tassel Bichon comes from his double coat, with a dense Undercoat and coarse, curly, outer causes the body and also in the spring support at the moment where layer stroke. It is a somehow cheerful, lively, easily high, whats with jogging. His acts, combined with his physical form, enabled him to earn as a street performer. Sweet and curious expression allows their worm in many hearts and guides. Lively Outlook, bouncy and playful, carefree bichon frise ever make love. He is friendly towards other dogs and other pets and is very good with children. It is sensitive, sensitive and tender, how willing to embrace, as it plays. You can much bark. Although it is small, the Bichon is an active dog, and needs daily exercise. You can strengthen your needs with a lot or, better, a romp in the yard or walking the line, unscrew. The white smock still must be brushed and combed every day, more risk of cut and trim every two months. It is not lost, but hair confused on the pole and coat. It's hard to maintain are in some regions. This is not a dog who has to live under the open sky. ,,.