Your home is absolutely amazing, none of us in our lives. The reasons are very beautiful and elegant. The House and the rooms were spotless and well maintained. The view is incomparable. I bet that it y castles in Scotland which would envy noble owner in his point of view. Simply impressive.Host originally from AustraliaBeautiful, day of winter, birds eat squirrels run and we are in paradise, a perfect stay and exceptional hospitality. We are back, we want to test each season!The hospitality of $ is related to vista Hotel MNYour $ million in Coon Rapids. Thanks for the good food, good advice around, good weather and the calm and the beauty of his refuge. Reserve of Rosemount MN. The House was built in 1929 and has been beautifully maintained and decorated in 18th-century design. Bed and breakfast cottage & is the ideal destination for business travellers and falls about simply a romantic weekend in historic and picturesque Taylors. It combines the magic of a place where you can relax with the convenience of proximity to the twin cities. our. It is a private, isolated from the pressures of daily life. a leak, romance, relaxation and renewal. The suite offers a private kitchen, bathroom and a spacious bedroom with sliding doors open onto a balcony with a splendid view over the St. Croix River and the Valley - the perfect combination of elegance, comfort and Schönheit. Eine unique combination of calm and a 18' HistoryDesigned century English country House, home of the isolated field wooded promontory overlooking the St. Croix River, which separates it from Minnesota, Wisconsin. Air-conditioned suite has a separate entrance. You can come and go as wish them. You can relax in comfortable and informal rustic furniture French elegance –. The Chamber above, overlooking the river is spectacular. Enjoy the sounds of a quiet night and stunning views of the Dalles of the St. Croix River and Wisconsin Interstate, seeking a haven of tranquility, a romantic weekend, a business trip, or if you want to find a place to rest after a long journey on foot or by canoe is what you are looking for. ,,.