Surely you know that I'm with profanity, so I am not able to produce a toilet two candy shoes. It is only a Word. But thanks for the idea. I really enjoyed.I knew why you been used, but is a word that has caused more pain. They are better than the Democrats and the Republicans have left, and we do not need to use it. I have defentally, what you were doing, pandering, for your benefit is not true.? But the Democrats have no honor. She ling at the time, but not for long. The sad thing is that it seems to me that both are sentenced to life imprisonment, they become as Democrats, greed, power and corruption are Republicans. We are, as always, my friend. Stay safe. Because six teabags in a Web site? What, boy?Matter about Obama ’ types such as cakes. My problem is with tea bags, which are all the screws that moved. I am ’, then all are junk and tea bag being abused, seductive and hypocritical. Yes, what I can do, like screams in his false hypocrisy, theories of conspiracy, false email viral video or do associations with small dictators. It has ’, “ want to ” laugh at his absolute ignorance. Smart to call the stupid statements? No, smart people Don ' t feel ’ with the news of the network news channel a liar or false. (want to know).Your saying “ this may be exaggerated ” an idiot would be crazy, take in the post itself. Normal people Don ' t ’ only of people obsessed with hatred and fear. Small heads who believe remotely no matter what justifies his madness towards a decent President. I wanted t ’ ’ said that it's great, but it is not ’ nasty, hateful and petty as insane, which attacked on a daily basis. The cakes that have no life because they ’ losers 47% 51% ri 336-207 same groans and cries, as an independent, is the power of choice crying and whining. Interview with Fox News, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, said ’ something weird is happening with Obama and this Sheriff Joe Krise administration. entire border is not a fan of the administration. That being said, I think suspicious us hasn t ’ more made in the Mexico win, to stem the flow of immigrants. “ Would not be ’ [Obama] has a Summit in the city of Mexico, the largest city in all of this? ” Arpaio asked. “ Because we always leave aside Mexico? Not ’ t of the Mexican President in the White House has also invited? ” is also of the opinion that the Mexico is complicit in what in ’ instead.They were the charity would be constantly difficult to access something in the Mexico and on illegal immigration and illegal trafficking of drugs, instead of criticizing our country. If you like a good neighbor, the ’ s what to do.I'm not criticizing the ’ Mexico in a sense but rather rare ’ were wrong with this Government in bed with the Mexico. It is possible in this video of the interview below. Unfortunately I haven't seen Yosemite Sam Sinn to exit the film shows how or no matter what other cartoon before the movie. I loved Yosemite Sam as the Cyote and digo Road Runner but stop it had better first-hand horse Mule, I'm screwed, who left his post at rear or fast faster.A mule is always more difficult than a horse that never Bock does not lose a Maultier and vigilant. Sie, guess what's going with the football. I have seen animals get to close and one would think that the Mule is not, but a second, what is there, the animal and the other would be those which was their flight lesson, you screwed up. Lesson 1 is I need mules a great birth. We handle our mules often and where the horse or one of our mules are packed in the superstitions. I am a person of Mule. You know much about mules, but of course, a horse comes out as Und Arsch ’ so-called ’ t reads very well.? If the Veterans do not ’ to what won t get (shot with permanent damage, arms, legs and fingers) don ' t know who ’ was. Object t Don ’, the * temporary * help the poor and the homeless ” “ but opposition against “ probably ” where generations were in a segment of the population “ your Aiman ’ ” baby begins to increase and pick up the controls that do not deserve. All * my * ” models, if you are going to collect the welfare in the long run, then that person must be forced to win work in our infrastructure for its maintenance. To do this a little. ((1) to the United States has renewed the infrastructure and reduce costs, 2) is, at least, less attractive to be a strike and encouraged to work looking for – especially when these works more to pay. (3) with limits on the amount of time, these benefits, makes it even more attractive for the work of the meeting one ’ s Keister raise money, he does not deserve.Also here are not the oldest “ ‘ ’ Government of cashing a check. They receive the benefits, to them and to their employers for their contribution to the “ Socialist ” deserved uncertainty. I just call it and do not forget, Mr President, that was another of the Dummycrats ’ management and its constituents to systems. ‘ Socialist ’ uncertainty, with his angelic blustery it would be much better and, at the beginning, still a comfortable could do for retirees with only a few minor changes. But the Socialists / ’ do not want Dummycrats. And categorized the funds control of ’ pensioners out of them, and that it could ’ t BORROW and steal and use it as a Chair, elderly people who bully. The truth is that in the end, no matter what this program because their makeup is wrong from the beginning to the bankruptcy. Must in some way for a change in the vertical position. Make fun of “ old ”, forget that I am also old someday be. You must use is the reduction of the contributions of older persons is their age against them. You forgot that it brought immense talent and industry during the last century in the table, and it seems as if the old ” “ is a contagious disease. I think that, in a sense, since all that is us “ home ” one day this disease. And not forget, maybe, maybe not, memories of MOM and dad ” “ while they were strong and healthy Crown height and the “ young ’ ” in her arms with a dizzying speed he ran and played ball with children in the snow covered laughing. And now, ’ Azzzzzes horses, they are ridiculed, ignored, crushed, destroying their viability threatened, while the children of MOM and dad were using built in factories, where MOM and dad worked to drive the track build, laborious workers in its early years. Very nice S. If you are weak and fragile, to see if those who think they are funny. Ah yes, the ’ is true can return to slavery to send children to the death and deprivation, because he believes Sheriff ’ 1 to reason and everyone is wrong. This country was built illegal and legal. Looking for a better life here hate and prejudice are Americans Don t call you car rims ’ earned the privilege. Seems to know a lot of where the President is read with emphasis there? ’ Think!. Do Chandler, know that there is a village called Chandler AZ? I now know what I have, that when you do not have ’ t really go? Do name your family or something?In addition to a town called ” “ Hummel and ’ d Beeeelieve best even if it is a ghost town. In this sense. Always wandering around drunk, aging hippies and the multi selector.Once connected the Canada has gone and has never seen or heard again, but never believed Canabalism stories. Congratulations! Is of the opinion that one of a race in extinction, which is always in “ for better or for worse, until death do us part ” I recommend and your MS for several years (too many) there ’ a bratty kid mentality. “ Only the best and while I have my way. ” my parents are approaching their golden wedding anniversary. 3 years or more. Sara is an idiot and has shown that he is incompetent. in several interviews he has ’ View, crack, was smoked in his student days.I can understand why you want to another deviation from the country to the ground make cakes with fruit. Thank God for Obama! It is better than any ’ dredger that never in 1 million years. ,,.