Green • • 15 g onion, diced tomatoes Tin • 15 oz. Pinto – beans, chick peas or broccoli • black • • black olives 2 oz. of feta cheese, fat-free • cucumber. Dear Dr. Are Asian (Indian), 64 years of age. I've recently from Tampa, FL to Atlanta (Georgia), I moved a family history of skin cancer or in General in this winter, I saw three levels (in the same area), Brown burn search type, depending on the loose skin of position (in Brown) on my back not many tasks (or Frickels).There are two points back in the Middle for about 1 .5-1 cm in diameter and a place at the extended area back waist. The same type of activity has been observed during the winter in the middle of the back. It was very easy Beat Eczema Free Download in the summer and looking apartment without sagging skin or Itchyness. I do not know if it is a bacterial infection, fungal or rust-resistant canvas winter and use of gas heating. for the three points in the middle are itching, but not extreme like Ekzem. Derzeit are cleaned twice a day with silver sulfadiazine cream-1% and chlorhexidine 0.2% Gelatine-with hydrogen peroxide and Burnheal anti-microbial. What can I do to help my condition? Thank you for your help. ,,.