This sequence of destination of lower back pain and occurs in a mode of cure of accident prevention. Bridges forward elbow soft and relaxing, associated to decompress, twists and reversals of fine offer a wide range of spinal extensions and contractions, to expand the area of the lumbar spine and open the chest and the back of the neck. The sequence of work at all levels: koronale structural integration and cross-medial frontal and offerings through a realignment of the spine with the Crown of the head and tailbone. A central of fire very oblique and transverse abdominal muscles helps to build, while the potential to relieve the discomfort and in turn increases the gap between the vertebrae, the natural lubrication of cushioning of the spinal column. Change in levels, areas, angles and directions offers an innovative experience, where you can explore painkillers again due to the different positions and transitions. Yoga-Pilates mix is accessible to all and give you creative ideas, compose your spinal health routine. At the end of this practice feels soft and aligned with the Earth and cosmic flow vortex. It is a joint report if I was referring only to the theatre, I would give five stars. I went to see luck here the last week for the cheap seats in the mezzanine. We paid about $100 for each session, and do not believe that we need never first seats. The visibility was good and sufficient legroom offered seat in the Hall. But keep in mind that the price of drinks in the bar is stupidly expensive! For this reason, I would say that the theatre with a star or not. Costs $12 for a Stinkin Cup rechargeable, reusable wine in a Cup. My ginger & Jack was even worse. A shot of Jack Daniels with ginger ale, my account was $25! Never more.The waiter was very remorseful and said that if we go back to our European Cup refills, get a discount. But forget it. There was time during the holidays and at that time, we had the idea that drinking even bitter. the registration of 1 hour. I like Tom Hanks, so I think that ' d give any theater, was at least three stars.In other words, Broadhurst was easy and we quickly found our seats. I felt that I was sitting in the Fenway Park; The seats were very small and my knee came a uncomfortably tight Act.  A bit like Fenway, I m ', pencils, up to ' Theater Charakter. Zum fortunato was one of the first, the ladies during the recess. But quickly the track set in theatre. Theatre movements that someone hold the road.Small theatre and then they were in Orchestra line had a great view of the stage. And one and only Tom Hanks. This personal theatre a little hard, but theatre was beautiful, the seats were comfortable and you could even see the scene. It is an inconvenient truth for a great means to people. Yes you ' have long legs, you'll probably want a seat on the aisle, senior, or one of these lodges. The chairs are just good cushioning, padding & I never had a spring in my step, or culo-sueno - is sit during most of a 3 hour show.I had put on the far left of the Orchestra, row 2. I had the chance! We were only near enough as to which we could see the entire scene. For several rows behind us, links not that didn't phase this theatre-goers. If I had to come here for future productions, choose seats more in the back and that was more than any other of the line c-g (ish), centering, right or left. The theater is smaller than expected according to the plan, I've seen, but that work to their advantage, even the rear seats is the sufficiently close in the scene.Bonus points for architectural beauty and impeccable, fine detail, as the friezes of arguments in the 2nd floor mount boxes are plaster. .If you have your ticket in hand, you walk through the door of Chatti stuck on the right side. Tea ' can sit more fast. The long line cord to the edge of the Majestic Theatre close to? That ' choose for pigs, shouting their tickets. .Cat on a hot roof (Director: Debbie all) was absolutely amazing. Terrence Howard, Anika Noni Rose, James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad are children. Everything I liked ' of version of the classic film of the cat. (Rashad absolutely steals the attention at any time is Big Mama in the room!) And * wow * is beautiful.). Don ' t forget to turn off the phone in the theater. It is incredibly disrespectful to ' artists and other clients. If my arms long enough, it was bitchslap at the show, I'd like to make two idiots whose phone rang and rang ' View. And I would like to ' son of a bitch with the shades of team-themesong used more fervently in the address. (What was the Bill Reed?.) This theater is really great for a show, and play with Equus, the space is suitable for the highest level of familiarity with the actors on the stage.  I have a place in stage - in other words, in the gallery above the stage, where basically disregard the action on the stage, and who had the idea is impressive.  If I have front and rear would be among the public with people, maybe are different.  On the stage, watching the action down and looking at the audience, was always as if it were part of the show.The ushers were all pretty fanatic that the phone was quickly and the sufficiently increased it.  But they have work to do.  And a marshal was particularly useful in services as the headset.  Sitting on the stage, which usually perceive the public actor, if you listen carefully, or miss their words '.  The ' because you can preview a device was involved, although is ' n t wait if you get to sit on the stage, then be sure to query.  I use t ', but I realized that some people were.When you finish the program, employees are quickly was especially strong in you.  Perhaps is just ', because that all return home, but she can relax a little bit about the people. I saw Hamlet in this theater in October 2009.  The mezzanine seats are on a steep slope, if you ' have a vision clear stage, regardless of how you feel.  I don't see a problem, or listen to the action on stage. My only complaint is that there was very little legroom and so cold that most viewers refers their coats for the second act that was carried out. BUY AT MEZZANINE.  The scene is great and if delivery elements, where the height of the stadium, will not be able to enjoy the effect full if you have any further towards the back of the Orchestra.I saw the child sitting, it is ' (Don t problems '), lighting, and can see pages that were in my place (orch rows S) has been hacked my Visual field in the Middle sat in the mezzanine balcony.  The Orchestra of the same level, with the misery, sitting behind a large person, its blocks completely his vision.  So I took a look and more cheap seats in the upper mezzanine, which is similar to the stadium seating, offers that they are strongly inclined in the full context of the scene. There are no high ' person's head may block your view.In addition, this theater is old and not one the whole wow factor.  It is simply wrong.  The appearance of bathrooms came from public school.  The seats are small, knarrende and awkward-it should be recushioned.  Debt collectors are abrupt, but Hugh is a perfect professional very amazing. Because streetcar named desire yesterday.  Actually, I wanted to enjoy it, but I couldn't do it. The seats are too small and too narrow.  Only 5.1 and knees against the seat in front of me have been removed.  I have a really bruise on his right knee this morning.  I developed a Charlie horse in calf, and there was nothing to lengthen the leg or move.  I had once more prevent cramp move an inch, as soon as I sat down.  I had a collection on my left shoulder loop, the woman sitting to my left, in other words, when we sit in this little were packed.  On the mezzanine, but as we were, so the Orchestra complains tightness listen instead, so I guess that people see it was very tight.  The current view was perfect.  I've seen the whole scene completely, although the girl in front of me was a Boufant Doo ridiculous sport.  But the acoustics here very much, could not ' the actors often hear Andmissed many dialogues.  It was a good thing that I learned that the pitch of land or a lot of lost.  I think that I have really enjoyed this game when I was at least a little comfortable. But the pain was a distraction that all he could do was wish the game would end so I could get up.  At least now I know that ' t see performances at the Broadhurst, until it begins to decrease, by age. I saw happy, and the show was also great.  Tom Hanks and the other actors did a wonderful job.  I'll give a star for the seats.  We sat in a box, the first line.  When I bought tickets for the full price, I was told that I would not be able to see a corner of the stage.  He asked the ticket seller if I miss much, or was this lack of Rolo as soon as possible.  He said that no t lose it I ' much, right in the corner.   I was wrong.  Sinyaya stage is deep, lost not only the angle, but really could not see half of the stage from the front to the back right of the stage.  The seats were crazy. Show the projection of the back wall and had used articles, which also produced.  I have had to rely on the railing to see what was happening.  These places have killed or price discount for shows like this.  Actually, that causes the joy of the show.  The seller of tickets allow guests knowingly purchase when they decide about tickets and be honest, if sell blocks of ads.  All this to say, when you go to a show at the Broadhurst, remain in the Orchestra. 1 check in the right row of the stage 2 Mezz for child care, he has with ' have.  View was good, but nothing about the ticket alert stupid handrail, which should be a partial view.  The acoustics leaves much to be desired.  The seats are a little narrow if you try not to bring backpacks with you. I like this theatre.  It is small and ' not ' t a bad seat in the House!  There is only one toilet and ' is on the first floor on the right when you enter, so it is not very convenient.  Others, a great place to watch the spectacle, the intimate atmosphere.  And you have the option of controlling, while Hugh Jackman returns to Broadway, you ' 10 short-Go of the week!  Fricken cool!. OK, this has nothing to do with the show, he saw in the theater, but the theatre itself.Here, the staff is rude and ridiculous and I was basically ruining the entire run, Shushing people, sue jingling keys (should your key jingle, so people know that they have and are so important!) It is very important, if you have the key). I have three levels, he said, during the coffee break. They were my choices, coffee or cappuccino (a spirit of self like a gas station, not as a high-end Italian restaurant). I asked for a cup of coffee and then fill the rest with warm water (aka American, also known as narrow ground coffee, when I went to remove people). They told me, no, it is not water for tea. I do not understand why only use water for tea and not me and my coffee. In any case, my coffee was about 6 ounces and still smoldering. Three flights, I return to my house, where an unfortunate man was very important with your username and password, it says that he could not drink coffee like me in my space and I have to wait in the lobby or pull. SCHÖN. So I took like Britney, I was with my Frappuccino, and this man was paparazzi, waiting for you, really. I am glad. If you start the second Act, the clink, frenetic main laps trying to understand patterns with cameras, according to whisper started again and almost (I say almost) I went to see Daniel Radcliffe naked. Fortunately, became my natural hormonal instinct and was able to concentrate on that and block disruptive employees for at least five minutes in the famous scene of nude and Höhepunkt game gift ' s t ' menschen. go to Broadway shows, as well as in the past. On the other hand, it is expected that a movie and a musical, a film version of the musical, sitting in their chairs to watch their 52 Plasma TV. as shown in cinemas this totally give us a collective soft softy. I went to see Hamlet, the Broadhurst, and while the production was amazing, the seats were pretty awful Yelp.My cousins sit without problem and was ' King is in 6 ' great.  But if the mezzanine of maps and more than 5 ' 4 ', ' you are toast. If someone was sitting too fast in our series, hear you groan or oath in person the ihnen after - and sometimes the person trying to get a table. It was so strong. Short and each of sardines was big, thick and thin, in landfills. Even the sardines could be protested.Not enjoying my company in sardina-DOM, I went to the Manager and asked if we had complaints from the seats, but all you had to offer a box with a view disabled. Boo you ' View gained new appreciation of Shakespeare and a pair of beautiful flowering bruises on my knees. And back if ' m Broadhurst ' Administration is aware that the mezzanine section for adult size should also be people. 1 check in express, the seats are ridiculously close to the top level.  My ' 3 5 women did not fit.  ' I'm sitting with my Shin firmly against the seat in front of me.  Airline seats would be luxurious in comparison.  I never saw a show here. ,,.