I ' vista Dr. Woo was for a few months, now I see that my arthritis and she is simply amazing! I m ' in my 30 years with a very severe case of arthritis and sometimes when I feel pain, visit, and the next day, my pain has almost disappeared. Acupuncture is not only great, but it is! Is hot and will really make you better. I talked to a few friends. I recommend it!. Woo WAN - Mei uses 25 years of experience to their patients the best selection of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. If you ' re treat sports injuries, a car accident, stress, pain, infertility, Ms ' problems or a set of conditions, we can help. Come see us today!. Dr. Woo is the best acupuncturist.  She is very patient, attentive and affectionate.  Until Dr. Woo saw that I was looking for the best acupuncturist help my health problems. I went to an expensive acupuncturist that NYC, I've heard that the owner of the popular who wrote a book on fertility, would the computer but not my conditions will improve at all.  I have lupus, causing pain in the joints of the finger cramps, often in Marek hamsik apologizes during my hour of waking up. After a few treatments by Dr. Woo, I realized that my overall health has improved dramatically. In the past, I had my period 2 advil every 6 hours, but now I don't need to take anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, reduced pain in my finger joints.  I can't sleep the whole night I thought the most important.  Dr. Woo is therefore strongly recommended. It is the best acupuncturist. It is not super elegant office. But the product and if it works, is what counts.For all visitors to the Ich Bedenken, who didn't really know if ID miracle is Lady or not, but it is very well tested. -We met with us yesterday.The House is a modest home. The office is stocks. DAS before as the staff was especially friendly and helpful.Patients seem to love because, called and said that she was pI and sound with her infertility treatments worked on the side that you might feel a return type. The walls are thin.I went for the treatment of fibroids, she was very cute and seemed really Nice like he knew what he was doing.Asked the t of acupuncture and the haven of fire & ' had pain or bleeding in the region since then. I just want to say that Dr. Woo was there better.  Suffered A tough headache and be shaken nerves.  I went to the emergency room.  They have not found anything.  Thank God! She sent me home and told me to take some advil etc and therefore the next puzzle. He had lost the job for several days because of headaches. I started to search the Web.  It was pretty late someone invite me except Dr. Woo.  I told him that it was an emergency situation, and he could not handle the pain.  He was warm and inviting, even if I heard her apartment, MOM. You want to give them a hug and tell you, make you feel better.   What he did and gave him a big hug for my headaches.  Value of time.  Te ' award-winning s! Dr. Woo inches). registration in 2 Dr. Woo was friendly and looked after my complaints. A diagnosis for my problems just looking back my language and my radial pulse. Did spend at least an hour with me listen and treat symptoms. I was happy with him and ' t get the typical, pressed, heard how many Western doctors. I m ' I look forward to my next appointment with her. Acupuncture and massage really helped my back. I love Dr. Woo! I was skeptical as to what everything that acupuncture and after visiting your ' m a believer and have advised :) about friends and family that began in May 2011, my treatments lasted for six consecutive weeks (who was Dr. Woo ' recommendation). I went every Saturday at the same time (13).  I went for the treatment of IBS, anxiety, and nervousness.  Although IBS generally ISN t ' curable, helped me a lot for my symptoms. I have ' t of abdominal pain as often as in the past. I also want t ' more nervous and anxious and have learned to control.  Of course, a healthy diet and going to the gym helped week 3 x or 4 x! I highly recommend Dr. Woo. I'll start to go again if ever I start to make you crazy! A 3 records that never feels if bad that would be all for it? I ' vista had this terrible case of hay fever, where my eyes breaks because I ' d wants to but my nose even sneezing ' t let me. I tried all the zyrtec of OTC Claritin and Allegra medication, but nothing works. I have ' at the beginning of my body s m ' built an immunity to it. A colleague suggested I try acupuncture. If I could ' is no longer guess t this season, made a visit to the doctor. Woo. I came here for treatment Saturday and could ' believe t. while I got back Monday, returned, allergy attack and was fully functional for Tuesday.I'm ready for anything! You can say he did for years as a chef, la ' a fish poisonous quickly in place and without accessories, needles Dr. Woo carefully placed in my face with a thread of quick shots. Before realizing it, had needles coming out of me and I ' t even heard! I wanted to play during my time, my phone, but I quickly relaxed in their sleep one. When I woke up, the needles have been removed, and Dr. Woo I was prescribed herbs in powder. This was in the mixture of warm water and is held in the following days. Now, if you ' view was the first Chinese medicine, I recommend prepare you! The ' as a strong alcohol tasting for the first time in his youth. No, not the medicine ' don't like the alcohol taste, but it will be difficult to then find a Tracker. I have had cookies in order to take the taste of my tongue would take a few Ritz crackers on the side of the medicine into a long drink. Or you could just a man (or woman) above. Fortunately get used to it after a few laps and I already do not don't worry flavor. Another good idea, that sometimes gives me the preparation will help you to know that the benefits outweigh the minutes in the next few days that I have to put up with the drink. This success declined after the first treatment with it once a week for follow-up and that he was still my best season by a hay fever! Also, I have a generous insurance, accepted acupuncture, so there's no reason why I can't go back! I was Dr. wan - Mei rookie known friend and eternally grateful! I tried for a long time through constant headaches. Thanks to her, I need drugs. I have since then: my husband with it for back pain and weight loss and wow! HES so glad his successful experience! It has been deleted and also stop smoking and low back pain due to their different techniques and positive energy, we are very pleased and recommend Dr. wan - Mei Woo without hesitation. go come and try this wonderful woman, who is a kind, gentle, and devoted attention. A flexible payment plans and accept the different insurance companies and their repayments. Enjoys a location of office very easily accessible from the train and bus station. We are very pleased that patients referred to him! Shes # 1. I'm a victim of migraine for 12 years, and that has never been my life!  I'm 6 weeks for Dr. Woo go and what makes the difference. She really knows what she's doing and it is probably the most compassionate and loving the doctor has ever seen. Really, she cares about her patients and takes to heart when he sees progress. Is one of the few doctors who really has a passion for what he does. I live and work in Manhattan, the trip is difficult after Jackson Heights, but worth it.  I still have headaches for all sorts of reasons, but I think the worst, it's the hormonal and stress. Always at a distance between them, but they are very rare and suttle. Aspirin contributes significantly, first ' s 3 Excedrins take and still cause pain, sometimes even vomiting.  After six weeks, see the greatest improvement. I saw results immediately just after 2 sessions.  If you are a sufferer of migraines, at least try and this opportunity. Meal Agujas-Don t '. While he was working on a project for the month in New York, I had severe headaches. It was so bad, that I couldn't concentrate on my work. I went to see Dr. Wan Mei Woo due to their excellent reviews from Yelp. During my first visit, its needles immediately reduces headaches. Then I discovered that I am in the area, both hands and announced that I have arthritis in my wrist and fingers. How they do? I have ' t Dr. Woo said to have numbness in fingers and pain chronic wrist! My theory is that she's an astute observation, must be achieved through many years of experience. The only reason that I ' t take it is originally because I do not know where I can find help for this. Dr. Woo said, do you to help, I gave him a chance.  I was treated with a combination of techniques: acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping (suction cups at the top of the shoulder) and Gua Sha (a piece of heavy metal rubbing between my joints and tendons, when applied with its own patented vegetable liquid on the beach). After treatment, most of my finger numbness is gone and returned a greater sensitivity to my fingers. I have ' t be happier and I have much more than what I wanted. After four treatments finally went my wrist and finger pain. Comments are 100% correct and Dr. Woo is an acupuncturist 5 stars. A friend suggested that I see an acupuncturist when I tremble action, but also occasional pain in my arms, I ignored it for months. It was safe to put my carpal tunnel syndrome mouse abuse and several years before this arm of the screen.I was reminded of a famous past his card for me a few months previously widely bubble, which was a miracle to recover from its years of back pain help. I said a little further, it's worth, but it may seem. Glad he had his info on the page, because as she was so beautiful as described.In addition, it is so close to Roosevelt Jackson Heights station, which actually has 20 minutes to Midtown. Cuando came to her, she was indecie, because it never had acupuncture, but immediately made me feel with her warmth and kindness. Asked my way of life, work, food and lack of exercise, and many details of the way of life that I have never actually thought or considered to be in depth. In each case was a lot more attention to my family doctor.Explore a bit with may immediately ignore the source to the target, and the pain is actually coming from my neck, back and shoulders, then broadcast on the arm. Apparently, it was not ' t carpal tunnel finally! It was a serious problem in the back. I have to say, the first day was driving violently, but I was surprised that it feels good after a series of treatments.Up to what I went to him, I think that a lot of the pain and ignored the pain through my body had been all these years. I know much more, I feel my body and ' vista never felt better!Not only that, but somehow had to acknowledge my anemia that first day and decreed a recommended diet and some herbal teas, which mixes the same if you drink during the next few weeks. I have to admit, I ' t drink at the beginning, because I was a little skeptical because I knew how bitter, but to recognize that their treatments really work on my back and arms, I decided I should try.  I followed your instructions feel and frankly I have more energy that I never remember feeling.In any case, I am very recognizing, extend my Dr. Woo name and now I pass the paper and say that it is awesome! I went to the doctor, after 5 years of attempts to Woo to design with no BFP person. Pregnant after only 3 treatments. But unfortunately, it was an ectopic, I think that acupuncture and herbs help me get pregnant. The child was in good health with a strong momentum, but in the wrong place. Will definitely back to Dr. Woo if I m ' loan, start to try again. Dr. Woo I have several problems of back and neck have been addressed.  I ' vista has a chiropractor for a long time, but never found a complete relief of pain.  Woo Dr. gave me a combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture and ' vista has never been better.  Take the time to listen and answer your questions, you have and then describes the processing cycle.  I have ' my doctor who has do to a periodic review of the time t.  If you ' again, a fan of Eastern medicine or looking for an alternative to the drug, without doubt, I recommend to see Dr. Woo. ,,.