wrote that limited, he, described the power of the magistrates on the civil interests of a person such as life, liberty, health and body indolency; and possession of external things. them by their creators are equipped certain inalienable rights, among these life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. -Even identified a number of sources or the sources of inspiration for the use of the term Jefferson in the Declaration of independence, though, that scientists actually discuss the extent to which one of them influenced Jefferson. Jefferson said. It is also similar to a line in the Canadian Bill of rights: life, liberty and security of person (this line was also in the old Canadian Bill of rights, which adds to the enjoyment of the property of the list).The expression can also lies in chapter III, article 13 of the 1947. That all men by nature are equally free and independent, and certain related rights you have if they enter into a State of society, not Rob through a compact, or their progeny to sell; namely, the enjoyment of life and freedom, the means of acquisition, possession of pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety. We hold these truths for sacred and undeniable; all men are created equal, independent & this same creation created, they get the inalienable rights which the preservation of life and liberty and the pursuit include happiness; & inherent.The Committee of five revised plan for Jefferson. It survived its subsequent modification of the Congress still intact and reads as follows: seats are generally still responsible for live music ’ ’ 80's price, because we, have learned a thing since the beginning of this do not ’ prices increase beer in Austin, said Jay ” Hughey, co-owner of the electric motor. Eric Hartman emo ’ said that some customers complain about the $2 covered has developed about 18 months ago. “ Cost $18 to see Beck in the Music Hall, and everything is gone, but many people do ’ want $2 to pay to see a band, don't ’ radio hear or see on MTV. ” Mike Crowley, Director Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, guardian Monte and Dale Watson, said that many of the musicians that veterans were standard-bearers of the Austin of the changes are affected. “ has ’ like you ’ ri antique furniture and everyone wants to see who is coming to town ’, then ”, Crowley.Mientras that the competition of on cost lowers and extends on a finite number of fans of live music in dozens of places in the city, said increase the costs of the Press Club Ponte ’ poor profit margins. “ it is the worst form, I saw ’ in the local music scene, ever since I started in the Business Club in ’ owner of the Steamboat 70 Danny thieves ”, said. “ Steamboat big $40,000 per month. It has always. It remains however to strengthen the price of beer. Now his price has raised $17.50, a carrying case, Shiner Bock and it was only $7 Acase a few years ago. Boost the advertising costs. The costs of doing business on ” offenders, said the Club is eaten up by costs.A further growing costs is money paid for acts on tour. Cactus Cafe Griff Luneburg, said “ used our niche, composer, but now ’ have clubs like Stubb ’, Zona Rosa and Saxon pub booking some of own actions. As a general rule documents go to the highest bidder, that the increase in costs all around. It used to be that you fill the evenings Club three or four per week with local artists, but these days life can and died at the road show. ” At the same time, many club owners report that their customers spend less money at the bar. “ Storyville always the packs said Meyers, ” “, but also your bar media company was over $6,000 a year ago ’ $4,000 per night. ” an another great concern among the Clubowners for a long time is the capacity of 3 000 were the Austin Music Hall Court, owned and operated by direct events recently added. These places generally is headlining tour, Hugeaudiences (and their entertainment budget) this national acts known clubs call themselves or less. You make this place. Consider the music scene of Austin, waiver of a terrible gunsmith of the Guardia Nacional (Armadillo world headquarters), furniture (the original Antone ’ in the sixth) and a sawmill (lunch of freedom) was the building of low income by the live music played by the group, the people who ran the joints and the masses, the ’ t ’ d believe they have found a country such paradise.1978 campus as Rome studied Jewish suburb of Houston a Blues Club in West hotel. Then he became a pupil of the old black man of who has carried out joint. 36 years later, it is ’ a white tent in a new hot club in the Conference South bright red - and -: “ C heart young ’ soul ” & flicker a tribute in the form of a nightclub over the years with the period lamps and classic R B & sleeves, modest man, who loved the Blues. “, ’ C - boy? ” Steve Wertheimer has more than half of the $1 million and the new year is one held 18 months of her life to answering the question over and over again for the official inauguration, ’. “ would be ’ Park C - boy, not ’ in the music industry ” who says that inquired, opened a few, over the name of the Association, its doors in the middle of so many lined and Notaronque in the previous location of the cave ’ S. Trophy, dressed in a white jacket with white frame, Wertheimer has helped more than the home of the Estrenootra evening time of the old pictures on the wall, which surrounds a mirror with heart-shaped. There are photos of the fabulous Thunderbirds and Stevie Ray Vaughan, a small stage in a club full of 29 West, where the Texas baguette is now played. Last week I released the Trader Joe Bee Cave on the way and I started to leave, a man next to a car with the door open was shaking to stop. He had a story. His wife had to leave the Hospital (on the front) and had to take him to his family in Waco, but not your debit card (who taught me) and has no money for gas. It could write him $20 and my address and I would like to. I do not listen to others. I'm sorry, friend. I know a prisoner and several times no money needed for gasoline. In General, a container of gasoline is making. If an empty hose should hold.When I on the University came home, I called my son, a boy of good-natured, gullible. Me di, which had drilled sufficiently in which the majority of people that on the road, to get the resources is not scam. Think about it, he said. Never make a personal rule, never give money to beggars. If you stop to listen to his reasons, much harder to leave, or even slowly.Now, none of it to determine the type. He gave his last dollar a bum and was in this respect. I needed the money more than I have. At that moment, I realized that all political stripes have worked hard and I together and your account, which will enable would fall easier life before the hour should alcoholics obscene or artist with a good line would lead.So I stayed at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, while I'm in New York this week. Heritage is in grave danger. Passes through the hands and the son of the Teresa.Il Trader Joe almost an hour on Broadway near 72nd Street is. (Austin are in the bucket and I didn't know that until I I have hidden fees.) Then, after waiting 25 minutes at the check out, I got my bag things of the hotel brand 2000% ($7.50 for a bottle of water!) and to the train station, I saw a young man with long hair, also wears a jacket for July, sit on the floor, drawing. I had an old phone as a Clipboard, a stack of seemingly notes and drawings. Big stack? The hunger artist wrote on a piece of cardboard. He tried not, when I saw that he was shot. Not seen, if I a $20 Bill in his small wooden box set. God bless you, he said softly.For $20 food may very well in grey papaya sausage stand, crossing the street and still a nice bag of food at Trader Joe's. For $20, you'd completely lost in alcohol or drugs. I have no worries. I don't need the money more than I, I gave him some. And when I went to make up the stairs, I've never felt more as an artist. It is Tony from “, TV, radio, light. ” hypnotic voice long slot 1260 all days of the week and Saturday 14 from 1954 until the tragedy in 1979 was convincing, a sad silencer on the dial at 16.00 in. His real name was Tony walls and his nickname of radio “ the Master Blaster, ”, but almost every knew the indomitable KTAE disc jockey concert promoter t.v. and the soul. If the wild SAX by Bill Doggett Honky Tonk “ ’ s, ” by ’ is, the subject came to open, Skronking from the speakers, a community brought it wouldn't be mentally.He played Gospel and Blues-by-side, such as the churches and clubs often next to each other in the East of Austin. But most importantly, in a time before cell phones and beepers, of ’ was as a black community of Austin knew what happened. La ’ d plug shows to give congratulations to announce events, often free of charge, and that rhyme. Tony “ black radio was, ” artist local blues great Lee Burkes, the chains to break, said “ song ” has his first airplay by ’ show “ communication is sometimes hard to ’ d TV listen to see where in this evening doubles ’. ” ’ Austin's reputation as a city where music is a form of Vidase, has not only an actor and singer, but also the owners of clubs, DJs, journalists, and the owner of the record store built. Tony from performs all tasks. Radio was his vocation, opened the show and a record store in ” Cup “ (popular slang for East 11th Street) at the beginning of the 50's ’. With the Club to Charlie Guildon, the later in Charlie Playhouse named, sold ’ in 1955 moved from full-time to Taylor, where she opened a record store that could connect the air supply. Also led such acts as James Brown, IKE and Tina Turner in the Doris Miller Auditorium and sometimes writes a publication in the black for the capital city of Argus. By reset mileage on your car East Austin Taylor. In the past few months the venerable and beloved lunch was a different kind of night but more. Here is that many local groups play the mass barely big enough for the front of the stage, or worse yet, if the same dry band welcomes a national law with a Traqueteando of the bus in the driveway and a bunch of surly roadies of British pay.Rethinking the nights when Pratz, is found only through the checkout options, back to his club. Remember all competitions of the city with high sign in the Austin Music Hall, Court and where close to SouthPark ticket, and I was wondering how it could pay to stay if income increased 33% increases in business when his lease ice until a few years ago. With a capacity of 3,500 open Kataoka could therefore offer more recognizable acts, the entertainment draw dollars in the North and West of Austin. The target is then divided and sent his local group with enough money for a night in the Taco Cabana complain. This is the condition, Blues in the night, endangered tradition called Austin music. It ’ that her mother is her father, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, but ’ the King is dead and nothing ’. The Austin club scene was the soul of the music, but as they increase sales, and denied Austin of the funeral that reduced the focus of music lovers, carefree shuffle ’ echo of the economic boom of s. “, who grew up to the lunch of the freedom and the war ’, married and settled. And nobody does ’ took its place, said Louis Meyers, ” keep ’ of Antone and used for the book of the lunch. “ People are not moving to Austin ’ the music scene. RI ’ came here to work. ” in the meantime, those who have the still life of the Association more opportunities than ever before. “ We ’ re of our Club are proudly, said ” Mike Mordecai, who the books of several nightclubs, including the Zona Rosa, “, but the truth is perhaps that we many. ” Also by many clubs? In Austin? It comes from ’, a little like the Pope complains of many Catholics in Rome. But then it's just a ’ Pope and that he never had depending on by Storyville, to pay the electricity bill.Among those who don; t know ’ pronounced like Roky ” “ and that this freedom is slang for a free meal lunch, Austin was politics, the Longhorns and killer B — ’ Bock Barton of springs, barbecue and beer. For the world in General, but the music is ’ title of Austin's fame. The ’ noise, to shoot more people, who have more money in their pockets, which makes the city of s.Ma as metropolis, omitted the original music of the local scene, as if the new prosperity was zoom on the road. With the best jobs print revenue through skylights and low incomes, the Bohemian, the local groups (and vice versa), musicians thrive are to move back or work harder than ever before to life on the breadline. The new Board of Directors photo insult to musicians in Austin “ Don stop ’ day. ”. “ As the ’ that happened is that through its growth Austin was a market and we ’ ’ ri received several national acts through flowering, ” said Tim Neece, leading music and the courtroom. But after a summer of disastrous found near SouthPark meadows, where only the H.O.R.D.E and Jimmy Buffett Festival with 18,000 participants crowned, great name should be approached with caution in the coming year. “ Austin approached the threshold which can resist, ” N4na7, said. Desire demonstrates, such as Hootie and the Blowfish, Def Leppard, and sting the Houston-based pace not only caused concerts (which books SouthPark) a lot of money, but far oil spill $ lose, the ’ views make the doors and Austin bars clubs. “ the problem is, the concert business is bad in the entire country and agents and managers are all Austin look at such a large market, opening ”, Crowley said. “ (Artist Austin) is in competition with Jimmy Buffett and Neil Diamond now and not another. ” Lüneburg Heath, said that the influx of touring mixed themselves with the club scene, but also the current crisis of the society he attributed to call “ a vicious circle. ” “ too often play some local group ”, said. “ has ’ out of necessity, because they ’ view have to pay, rent, but the more to play, less to do. ” Meyers is accepted. “ of local acts who spend most of his time on the road, ”, said. In words, which can earn in the hometown of the circuit: “ and ’ that has always been: 10 percent of the bands put 90 percent of the money. ” Club has their steps with a person, the night-time, which means that the same bands always have book or their pickups deliver the green groups, must be offered instead of woodshedding. A boring scene makes the two scenarios. “ People ’ the intention of the Association, which they used to, and that is in part because ’ music ’ is deprecated, ” thieves, said. ’ We “ there is nothing new to ’ s ’ ” I it ironically in a city known for its support of the original artwork fix, some musicians to form bands cover by Neil Diamond or Jimmy Buffett and work songs from the Beatles to parties by Deb play have paid bills. Also the singer Paul minor, organizer of the superego of the hole in the wall ’ s ‘ n ’ weekly rock roll mixes new talent point, city origin, has most of his money in a band, the long Argyles is called. The band plays everything from pretty woman ” “, ” “ girl from Ipanema everywhere in Christmas country club for the President of the Texas State Bar. “ more money (Argyles) like me in my work was full-time, ” said, that the boy, who also work 40 hours a week at the school of Texas for the blind and visually impaired. He said that all these activities only part of the team, have to pay you for the privilege of original music in Austin. “ someone who has one ’ is not complete ’ t, to be part of a group “ suite. “ Hard work, ” Mr. Guy Forsyth, who deserve life, his music, at the top of the asylum of street Spankers is own band blues. “ me ’ flow concrete opinion, ’ view has a specialist, ’ I have a lot of hard work, but none are as heavy as the musician. Of course, I love it, so it is easier ’ and I was lucky to have two bands seem to listen. But I've worked hard to try to put a good show and people went and feel these bands. ” ‘ Sign saying keep off ’ ’ Austin cost increase and decrease returns aren't bad ’ as musicians who live here ’ ri scene suffocating musician stops, which were considered, be Austin or who had a short trip here, but it was after the middle of the music to see how expensive and poorly paid jobs can.Singer of folk-country venerable Lucinda Williams, for example, Austin lived in over the last 80 years, ’ and early ’ at the beginning of the 1990s, before he himself in Nashville, Tennessee, to work an album about two years which is not completed. This year he decided to permanently return and started looking for a house in Austin. Its Deputy Director (and lower), Dr. John Ciambotti said when mathematics and discomfort, but Williams added it thought was simple and inexpensive stay in Nashville Mary Cutrufello, until recently by Gilmore ’ guitarist and solo artist has his first album recently, lives in Austin for about a year before returning to Houston two years ago. While Austin, considered many other reasons for his decision, said to leave the money was one of them. ’ “ don t work in Austin or Houston. Triangle between here and there to work and Dallas, then I could life everywhere, is ’ the same route to work, ”, Cutrufello said. “ But ’, it is impossible to make life the life in him and in Austin. I think that some people, but there aren't to many t ’. The problem is that it too much of the ’ tried to do too many things and not do, not very hard. ” another group of Austin lost cost and Hall, including bass player Larry Strub quoted rent employment as a teacher in Taiwan up in Austin for his decision. The musicians in Austin had straight work up to their arrival at the select few, only music, which these days in can make the “ you select some ” is even lower. Local musicians with major label deals punch clock: Member of the ball has a shop of bagels, one of the founders of sixteen ’ s Deluxe work at Wheatsville co-op and the first local producer John Croslin used books at half price. Wookie ’ Maloney s has a job at Emerald Point Marina on Lake of Travis, and the rest of his companions have jobs full time — in a body of State and a nursery, to name only two. While he said that they have the chance, a dramatic increase in the rent not learn who continues with the cost of living in Austin — which was the highest in the State after the American Association of researchers — Chamber of Commerce is hard enough ’ ri “. Everyone works 40 hours per week and still costs, ”, said. “ has ’ hard just finding time to the exercise, while we are all together. ” is the ideal of Housingthe form bands hostile, so far as possible, she practice and maintain camaraderie at all for a life together in a big house, which three of the four members of the Texas (American analog set) since this summer have Burnet road and Arlington zogschließen King in a House with three bedrooms. It should be the place where she songs inspired music, an OASIS to compose and create improvised jams. Texas Savedfor and bassist Lee Gillespie worked several months to pay the rent and finally moving to Austin, the rest of the band to join. “ I was excited, ” Gillespie said. “ House was really what we wanted. We really thought it would be ideal for the band to play and to go forward, you know, in Austin, the capital of the world-live music. … Type of us was difficult. ” once the band had practiced several times, the neighbors complained. Search for a place more soundproof, moved their equipment by the lounge singer Andrew Kenny ’ room, where things become so full, the only way to go from one side to the other crawled on the bed. Neighbors complained again, this time pushing the landlord threatening eviction. of course no one wants in the bed, hear the sounds of someone pulls up to 2,000 watts Street a Les Paul. But if love played the band Ed Hall or the agony column home music seven or eight years ago, known as — often glorified — stronger in the bands of the city. Nowadays, a life of the group is as a peaceful city, referred to (such as the head or lower) the immobility of American analog set. Don ’ t even play live very often because the bar noise drowns it. “ You ’ is no doubt a sign of the times, said ” trance syndicate Josh Robertson, on the basis of Austin's record label, the Texas and Ed albums has Hall. “ (Texas) took him to a House, hard to find. And can now ’ t play music — music on it. ” Gillespie has struggled to find work since the movement in the city. I was so desperate, he said, signed in the 7-Eleven job after one and a half week to lose, because he had to leave town for a few days by forces. You can certainly not rotating musicians his have work at the 7-Eleven. “ Was also not ’ of course outraged at the loss of a job at 7-Eleven, but now ’ so indebted m, I m ’ in panic, ” Gillespie said, take note of blockbusters since then also rejected. About 40% of workers in Austin are underemployed ’ (in work as inferior to their education level, insert) to the Austin greater industry and Chamber of Commerce, and you can be sure that many musicians are.Ken Miller, Director of studies at the Texas school for the blind and visually impaired, where dozens of musicians working now or in the past, said that the school has a dilemma, if he plays a musician one day for the practice by which want to take band, a week, or two per round. “ large energy and vital enthusiasm ’ INE especially if you ’ re working with children with special needs, ” Miller, said. “ But no employer wants long time employees, and we certainly want t ’, because everything changed the routine can affect children. … Are a real support, typically ’ if someone the band ’ has some great show, or are we really stamp out your drive. But that means that you typically ’ ri does not for us. ” not AnymoreRobert Harrison, singer of the band commercially promising once Cotton Mather a practical attitude adjusted, after one his group for almost 10 years: is ’ more or Avangate Backyard Liberty Phone Number less regularly abandoned life. “ us be like this big debacle on the stage and ’ are not only a value addition, ” Harrison, said. “ we see the same faces we saw the last show the faces of the same play at 30-30 ’ re ’ re happy in there, of course, but loses its charm. ” Harrison, whose working contributes to the Ginny ’ copies of s feed pulls out, vintage guitar, but you can see the current crisis in a positive light. “ Don't run good musicians ’ if hard to shove comes. The musicians are best when they're ri ’ questioned. Maybe some to enforce more imaginative. ” in the middle of the current differences between Austin ’ economic boom and the financial difficulties of the local music scene, some are also thinking about Clubowners in the best way, to deal with in the future. “ Eddie Wilson has done the right thing ’ Threadgill (soon to open restaurant in Barton of Springs Road), headquarters of the world ” freedom ’ lunch said Pratz. “ First, it emerged and investors line up, and then started to build. So ’ ’ view should do now: take the money first and foremost, because it is to be assumed that ’ t it ’ comes later. Lüneburg ” sees the future of music in the North of Austin. Austin Yes ’ new residents with good works ’ see local music, the music. “ If it wanted to open a new Club ” said, as the sounds of Trish Murphy praised the through a nearly empty Cactus last Wednesday evening, reflected “ ’ d opening of the Arboretum. ” 1996 topless bar July to fill four sold slots in the TABC ’ July sales top 10 ranking bars and Austin. After cedar (N4) Street, the Club is higher ratings as host live original music Rancho Tejano in 35.1. |Pink yellow ^ $227, 5352 |Chuy's Hula hut ’ ^ $210, 1273 |Sugar ’ s ^ $193, 6554 |Cedar Street ^ $191, 6375 |Dallas ^ $161, 5296 |Joy of the Austin ^ $147, 2037 | ↑ OASIS Winery $145, 2838. |Suspend ^ $142, 4459 |Sam Hill ^ $138, 20110 |Oil can Harry ’ s ^ 135Live $130, original music: Club 47 |Continental Club ^ $62, 55453 |Pearl Oyster Bar ^ ’ $58, 88860 |Antone ’ s ^ $54, 41269. (| ^ $ basically 51.095) 80 |Quad ^ $46, 15282 |Saxon pub ^ $45, 64984 |Club 311 ^ $45, 04694 |Hole in the wall ^ $42, 05997 |Emo ’ s ^ 41 $30899 |Steamer ^ $40, 994102 |Ego ’ s ^ $39, 803117 |Zona Rosa ^ $35, 164199 |Broken spokes ^ $22.174. in the comfort of the Familie.Wolfred Charles Attal, born in 1967, has always considered Charles known, but in a pony League baseball team trip to Oklahoma with the all-star Manchaca, mocked his companions when the announcer says, run “ on the plate, the number is four, Wolfred Attal. ” Years later, when real Attal of the name agents of music discovered ’, began the promoter Bill Graham 2005 request of the year winner the “ Wolfi, ” but Attal took the ridicule as a source of pride. Some call it also her grandfather Wolfi.Mehr than half a century earlier, Andrew Zilker had planned a Palace in Barton of springs, but if ill his wife IDA in 1912 and died shortly afterwards, he gave up the project and remains in second place at home and San Jacinto. 1918 property 42,51 hectares, including Barton handed springs pool, the city on the condition that would make a donation of $100,000 for the Austin school board. He held a right of passage to the docks, to make their cattle could drink water. “ has estimated that it would be bad for this beautiful place in the world and that it should belong to all people of the Zilker Austin, ” said at the time.He donated 300 acres, the land where the ACL Festival in the city takes place, agreed to pay the other $200,000 to the School Board in 1932. The action, one-third of the city, where is the House of Austin high school gave the man a few weeks before his death in 1934 at the age of 78.The Zilker was released in 1944 and was purchased by Eddie Joseph for an undisclosed amount. He demolished the old Victorian house and throws an office building in place to accommodate the three companies: automotive and Armstrong offer general food, dairy, Meyer-Blanke. The C3, which founded Société de promotion of Charles Attal concerts with Charlie Jones and Charlie Walker, had its first offices in the street of this Eigenschaft.Neben where great-grandfather of Shikrey's be ’ Attal sold fruit upon arrival in America. ,,.