I am not on day 21, but I love your book, Mickey, paleo Cookbook and I ’ autoimmune View was added to my repertoire of recipes from Diane ’ 21DSD s book, I agree with the 2 tipo-diabetes and the excessive consumption of sugar, each esp 21DSD. If dried fruit to begin with, I have noticed problems with my autoimmune symptoms – AAS. I made pretty now except for occasional light bulb in his book of recipes without sugar. Now with coconut butter on top. And I wanted to also say that rhubarb soup broccoli, they shared was the bomb. Mixed with milk of coco-caja – this is a good recipe. ’ I have done a bit of pesto mixture and parsley. Thanks for everything, that Mickey!. Laura, I ate my food and strength of grapefruit can in detoxification (three fruits are grapefruit, Green Tip bananas and Green Apple). I ate a piece of 1/2 with lunch and sometimes more, sometimes 1/2 for the snack in the afternoon. Good luck!Mickey. Loretta, good luck with your treatment! I think that it will be difficult with children. For adults, is easy for us to stay motivated (sometimes) because we have a goal, but if children don't understand that the ’ not be happy. I would like some changes to add strength program additional for children, if you don't believe that ’ do ’ – Don ' t want anymore too restrictive with them (my opinion). I have ’ d, make sure you plenty of snacks for hungry ’ – I m love the lemon boomers! I had a ’ every afternoon. Good luck! Mickey. . Listen to sugar levels in the weeks prior to my draw because in body talk to him of how many problems with deregulation, as well as too much sugar (in the form of fruit) devastating to my experience with the food against daily stress, I decided to try the program when he returned. (Even I met). Type diet would choose to level 3, because they already have grains and refined sugar. The limit values for stage 3 are excess carbohydrates (in the form of vegetables like sweet potatoes), fruit and sweeteners like honey and maple syrup-approved. Non-Frutto is authorized 1 banana with Tip 1 Green Apple or a day.  I m doing ’ detoxification power changes, so that limit vegetables with starch to 1 cup a day.My motivation for it, he comes back, where it was with my blood sugar balance, until we all stressed and that made me more fruits and usually not. Crazy to think that goes from 1 to 3 pieces of fruit (and let's be honest, sometimes 4) can actually cause your body to return to this roller coaster of sugar in the blood. Leave only tested by the sweets, I have the recipe for the blog during the holidays. When adopted. The first two days seemed very easy. Fortunately, my husband has really wanted me to make – Diane ’ talk really encouraged to think how much they eat fruit and starch. We cook breakfast huge and well tested, it is covered with green in a lot of healthy fats. It was something we both feel that we were missing our long journey to California.dia 3 and 4 were the most difficult. I found very bad mood, on the afternoon of day 3. I have ’ t to understand why I felt so bad for me, and tell me that there was a decrease in blood sugar. As soon as I left the store, I ate an Apple with concentrated coconut and I felt much better. We have a lot of ginger and they drank soda water with lime, increasingly as a thirst for success by Zucker.Tag 5 and 6, I felt a little more low energy, but the feeling that the worst was over. I could go on my routine of yoga exercise and walks in this Stelle.Ich have ’ will write a weekly updates, my treatment, but also a book review with my last post ended, so stay tuned! So far I'm digging and enjoy some recipes in the book, that I, that seems easy to navigate note Menon, nuts and egg by Diane for those of us trying to avoid added. I n t ’ created the program! I think that the idea is not that anyway, such as sugar, so don't get used to the sweet taste. Some questions - have 1 cup starchy vegetables during the day (ex spread was 1/2 cup for lunch and dinner) or have eaten during a meal? – also a 1/2 saw grapefruit in one of your photos of the 21-day detoxification. Can you do this in Exchange for an Apple or a green banana? Also I wonder if eating a piece of fruit a day, and it has also helped me, if you eat? (Former breakfast lunch vs.) And probably yes, you also must buy the book detoxification of 21 days for more information. The consequences that diet paleo-AIP and my consumption of fruits/starch came a little out of control in recent years to a point where returning my symptoms SIBO. Chinese tales! It's not funny. Mickey, thanks for the update of their experiences with autoimmune detoxification Protocol. I bought ’ when Diane was released and was also his companion recipe book to book. The recipes are wonderful! You must only the function of detoxification. My family will follow it. Part of it will be for the purposes of removal by autoimmune problems. Level 3 we are going to follow, because we have already eliminated the rest all autoimmune. ’ View was dragging my feet start … don't know why except for the time needed to plan and know my sons birthday in February and March come and give more food. But our goal is to be healthy, that they follow your messages to see how you did. Can provide suggestions that children of age to do this Detox with families foot would be great! Thank you for your site. I have many of your recipes for the holiday, when family fun. The recipes were a success! I look forward to the book! This treatment in January of 2013 of a monster out after hearing this on FB and it was life changing for me. I don't know what Paléo and never tried to eat low carbohydrates or sugar. I think that it is an excellent introduction into clean eating is your journey of paleo and even if you're easier to level 1 or 2 changes, how AIP will be completed to get easier once all sugar and carbohydrates from your system. ’ This is what I've done, and I think that it has made the transition to easier AIP. Also began, level 1, because I think that radically change my diet would be very difficult, but at the end of three weeks, I had easily moves level 3 and not ’ has no milk at all or a large portion of the grain. Good luck and ’ can't wait to hear his final exam. (A_le_moment_de signature – cool!).For the detoxification program, Diane has three levels according to the nutrition of the people ’ give it. People, a paleo (or Kristen, thank you for the review. I agree that this book is ideal for those who need to reset it. I can t handle ’ especially mango fruit dry and …. I'm glad that you liked the soup! Mickey. ,,.