2001: the new strategy enables tesa in a stand-alone subsidiary converted. TESA AG founded as a subsidiary of Beiersdorf, so for consumers and industrial customers more flexibility to respond.The professional wound care extended contributed according to the new strategy and to a joint venture between Beiersdorf and Smith and nephew. BSN medical, based in Hamburg, which is based. 2002: Florena becomes a subsidiary of Beiersdorf. The collaboration dates back to 1989 and intensified after the reunification of Germany. 2003: a new function group organization, focus on the areas of brands, supply chain, finance, and human resources replaces the previous Division organization2004: the new skin Research Center opened in Hamburg, highlighting the innovative group-strength-success all over the world. Beiersdorf 2008: launches its new Produitle Nivea Nivea lip care. 2008: Nivea began the event sponsor.Some people find that they notice his thrusts get more serious, if also much certain foods to eat. If you're one of them, it's worth trying to cut food to see what is happening. If you are a teenager, chances are very good that you have some acne. Nearly 8 of every 10 have teenage acne as many Erwachsene.Akne is so common that he considered a normal part of puberty. But to know that it is not always easy when you look at a large button on the face in the mirror. What is acne and what you can do about it? Sometimes even properly wash and will do it without oil and lotions, acne — anyway and this is quite normal. In fact, some girls who usually handle can have on your acne a few days before your period can be found. Premenstrual acne is called and approximately 09:53 women achieve changes of hormones in the Körper.Leute, Acne can be helped, by a doctor or a dermatologist (doctor who specializes in problems of the skin). A doctor, Acne can be treated with prescription drugs. After the acne of the person, this can mean with prescription creams that prevent the keys of training, to taking antibiotics to kill the bacteria that contribute to, buttons, or the acne heavy, powerful drugs such as isotretinoin, or even just a minor surgery. Some girls are, that the pill helps to clear your acne.If you look in the mirror and see a button, do not touch. Acne is a skin condition that looks like different types of errors. These bumps can be white, blackheads, pimples or cysts. Teenagers have acne due to hormonal changes accompanying puberty. If your parents as teenagers had acne, it is more likely that you are also. The good news is that it disappears for most people, acne almost at the point where out of adolescence.The type of acne that many people called Acne (Vulgaris is not as bad as it seems — to say to common type). It occurs typically on the face, neck, shoulders, upper back, and Brust.Haarfollikel or pores in the skin contain sebaceous glands (called sebaceous glands). These glands are of sebum, the oil that lubricates the skin and hair. Most of the time, the sebaceous glands make the right amount of sebum. As the body of a teenager begins to tire, and to develop, however, hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands more sebaceous glands, the overactive will make. Pores are clogged, if it too much sebum and dead skin cells. Bacteria (especially one called propionibacteria) can then remain trapped in pores and multiply, causing swelling and redness — beginning of Akne.Wenn is clogged a pore, and closes, but you stay the bumps on the skin, with a Whitehead. If a pore obstruction, but remains open, you can darken the surface and with a black dot. Sometimes, the wall of the pore opens and sebum, bacteria and dead cells of the skin, the way under the skin — and end up with a small bump, red, called a button (buttons were sometimes filled with pus and high through the body's response to a bacterial infection).Cause clogged pores can open up very deep in the skin that the nodules, the infected lumps or cysts, which are larger than the buttons are and it can be painful. Large cysts, which similarly can sometimes be caused cavities due to a staph infection such as acne. To avoid the accumulation of oil, that can contribute to acne, wash your face once or twice a day with mild soap and warm water. Rub cloth not your face with acne — it can be eliminated by washing and can actually worsen due to irritation of the skin and pores. Try to clean your face gently.If you use makeup or sunscreen, make sure that you have marked as non-comedogenic or Nonacnegenic. This means that no pores clog and contribute to acne. And if washing the face, make sure that you take the time to remove all makeup, so the pores clogged.Acne is not really helped by the Sun. Although a Tan can make acne temporarily seems less serious, it does not help it disappear forever — and some people find the buttons, to worsen your product from the skin after it in Sun Öle.Wenn you use Hairspray or gel that keep face, because that can clog the pores also try. If you are using long hair, which have touched your face, often must to keep enough wash away oil. And if you have a job after school, which brings him in contact with —, as for example in a restaurant in a gas station or fast food, oil — don't forget to wash your face, when you get back. They can also help wash your face once they have exercised.Are the counter lotions and creams that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide available to prevent acne and clarifying at the same time. You can experiment with them to see this support. Make sure you do not follow exactly the instructions — more, the matter that is assumed at the time (can also dry the skin feel and look worse) and follow all label directions on the. , or find it. This can be difficult to do — can be very tempting to try to get rid of a button. But if you play with the buttons, the inflammation can do more by pop or open it. In addition, not he can avoid the oil from your hands! Above all, let the buttons by choosing small, permanent. ,,.