Turning understanding into results.™

Clients depend on EM-Assist for long-term solutions and cost-effective results that support their mission and assist them in realizing their vision. From our founding in 1996, government clients have relied on EM-Assist to be a responsive, trusted partner that understands their objectives and consistently delivers the right results on schedule and within scope and budget.

Understanding begins with active listening to thoroughly comprehend our clients’ broader vision, as well as the complex challenges associated with their multiple goals. This approach helps us anticipate client needs and ensures an agile response to project changes without hassle or delay. By viewing needs from our clients’ perspective, we identify solutions that integrate seamlessly into their existing business practices.

Results are achieved by combining our deep understanding of client needs with our experienced professionals’ extensive knowledge and proven expertise in deploying innovative technologies, processes, and systems. This combination allows us to deliver measurable improvements to client programs, including reductions in cost, risk, and process time, as well as enhancements in overall program performance. Many of the projects we managed have earned awards and national recognition for both EM-Assist and our clients.

EM-Assist delivers lasting solutions to clients’ environmental management and training needs, and we provide efficient implementation and reliable technical support services.