Consistent delivery of quality services ensures client satisfaction and our continued success, making quality an essential objective in everything we do. Since our clients ultimately determine what is meant by quality, we listen carefully to understand their underlying requirements and then deliver the superior results that define our mutual success.

EM-Assist’s Commitment to Quality

  • Provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed client expectations
  • Comply with the requirements specified in our Quality Management System
  • Focus on continuously improving our Quality Management System

To support these efforts, EM-Assist has developed an ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure project completions occur on schedule and within budget, and project deliverables comply with all required acceptance criteria. This system improves client outcomes by promoting a comprehensive approach to quality and encouraging innovative efforts to reduce costs, risks, and process time as well as enhancing overall capabilities or performance.

Our QMS provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. We train all employees in the system as part of their new hire orientation, and the QMS is continuously monitored and evaluated by our staff and managers, who incorporate feedback from clients and our internal audit process. We integrate quality objectives into each step of our corporate planning process, whether on a long-term company-wide initiative or a short-term task.

EM-Assist’s quality objectives promote a broad interpretation of our quality requirements and procedures to encourage approaches that surpass conformance to minimum requirements to produce superior outcomes. These objectives are:

  • Deliver services on schedule and within scope and budget;
  • Promote client communication throughout the entire partnership;
  • Provide clients with the best long-term value;
  • Maintain employee involvement and training to reinforce key principles and develop new skills; and
  • Continuously improve our Quality Management System to achieve client satisfaction and loyalty.

By making quality an integral part of our process and culture, we foster an atmosphere where excellence is expected and achieved. We surround our quality framework with engaged, supportive management to promote creativity, teamwork, efficiency, and an expectation of continuous improvement. Through this, we help each other produce the superior results our clients expect and that we can be proud to deliver.