LaLanne was already widely used for public preaching, the benefits of regular exercise and a good diet. He has published numerous books on fitness and presenter of the discount program shaped. with LaLanne, pay the time yes even as a means of promoting the fitness and in health products. LaLanne met his wife Elaine even while he worked for the local radio station. In 1959, the map of continuous plan collected ABC telecast, broadcast nationally for his minimalist was known until 1985. tea, where LaLanne inspired by the Basic objects of the House, like a Chair, to use their hearing, their exercise with it. Their standard wear suits, he has asked his audience with the enthusiasm of an evangelist, get off the couch and copy its basic movements a way considered the forerunner of today fitness videos. LaLanne often stressed artificial additives, pharmaceuticals and processing of foods, which has helped people mentally and physically ill. As a result, he wrote, overcome, noted, it seems that many people turn to alcohol and drugs to the symptoms of the disease in a flow of pain that include us age. . In his speech, Schwarzenegger acknowledged LaLanne, who attributed special, demonstrates the benefits of fitness and a healthy way of life for 75 years. Citing the results of the Presidential Council on physical fitness, it is also true that many of our ills and pains due to the lack of physical activity. As an immediate remedy for symptoms such as shortness of breath, breath or arterial hypertension, constipation, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, LaLanne said that people with different drugs are attack: try the crutches as sleeping pills, amphetamines, alcohol, cigarettes and so on. LaLanne designed the first machines of extension of the leg, pulley machines and cable through selectors, this standard weights in the fitness industry. Created from what was the original model. On the occasion of the death of the Lalanne, Schwarzenegger LaLanne credited as an apostle of fitness to inspire billions to a healthier lifestyle in the world. Lifetime achievement award award. The price has 7 Day Pass Fitness 19 helped people throughout the country where professional careers in the field of the promotion or the promotion of physical activity, fitness and sports. The winners will be selected on the person received an estimated number of lives, affecting the individual through his work the legacy of work individual and other awards and honors during his career,.