LaLanne designed the first machines of extension of the leg, the pulley weight machine cable selectors and the fitness industry standard formatting. Invented the original model developed. He ate two meals a day and snacks. Breakfast, after working for two hours was cooked protein, a cup of soup, oatmeal with milk of soybean and fruit in season. For dinner he and his wife usually eat vegetables raw and without eggs, as well as fish. He doesn't drink coffee. Award of excellence for life. The price is a contribution to national, whose career on the promotion or the promotion of physical activity, shaped or people for sport. Winners are selected based on the race of the person, the estimated number of life affects the individual through his work, the work of individuals and other awards or recognitions received earlier in his career. LaLanne often focuses on additives, drugs, and has helped make people sick of mentally and physically prepared foods. So, come wrote many people on alcohol and drugs, the symptoms of the disease, said that a free trip seems like Dolores you get older. As the temperature rises and called its small number and something to sell another 15 minutes to warm up? Heat, a lion when hungry? UH oh, here comes an antelope. Better heating. "Non! Leaves and eat Weiterbildung Cup. two hours in 1990, which also included a walk. Time numbers LaLanne with Yes even as a 7 Day Pass 24 Hour Fitness Under 18 way to promote your health and fitness shaped related products. LaLanne met his wife Elaine even while he worked for the local radio station. In 1959 program ABC's string for transmission at national level continue to 1985, highlighted by a group of minimalist where to use LaLanne inspired its audience on Home Basic objects, such as a Chair, took their exercises together to play with him. He wears his standard outfit, called the forerunner of today video fitness for his audience with the enthusiasm of an evangelist, get off the couch and copy the basic movements. . In his speech, Schwarzenegger acknowledged LaLanne, special education is attributed to the benefits of fitness and a healthy way of life for 75 years. Based on the results of the Presidential Council on physical fitness to accept also that good physical activity many of our aches and pains. As a remedy immediate symptoms such as shortness of breath blood breathing by breathing and high pressure, constipation, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, LaLanne said, who will lead the people to medicines: we are looking for crutches like sleeping pills, amphetamines, alcohol, cigarettes and so on. On the occasion of the death of the LaLanne LaLanne, Schwarzenegger has credited to the Apostle of fitness to inspire thousands of millions around the world, to live a healthier life. LaLanne was already widely preaching to the public the benefits of regular exercise and a good diet. He has published numerous books on fitness and hosted the television show. 1975 (age 61) - he repeated his performance before the age of 21, he has the entire length of the Golden Gate, the water from the sponge and handcuffed, but this time it has been tied up and tow a boat of 1,000 pounds (450 kg; 71 St). ,,.