With each draft of the hardness is the tundra in a more compact design of the cooler Yeti Tundra 50 is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the best coolers on the market, this cooler is built, while dealing with the bumps and bruises their outdoor activities to keep your food and cold drinks. Tundra has ' ' 2 polyurethane foam insulation in the walls and cover, while as a packing waterproof bags in the cold freezer for long-term storage of ice. Long life provided by Yeti ' formed a piece of s, and construction planning. This cooling offers many other functions of the Yeti, like the construction of food quality, rubber feet can non-slip material compatible with dry, Cap RAS, dry cargo rack and cover design firm. Join t-cover with printed document Cierres nurses adequately closed. Cast iron, durable hinges auto, judgment means that you should never replace a zipper. Rope handles strong tundra of easier accounting, while this cooler or block of the boat with the store slots will be easier. The highest design is used for smaller, is an excellent choice for the upgrade on a Navy more cooler. External dimensions: ' ' 24 w X 17-3/8 ' ' W x 18-1 / 8 "h" chillers ' ' 26 YETI Tundra are books by IACSD of the forest service in two controlled simulations and grizzly bears, grizzly bear (IGBC) checked. YETI CIGD have been tundra of cooler requirements officially recognized CIGD bear resistant container for use on public land occupied by the Grizzlies. . 1 out of every vote I bought Yeti that BC should keep ice for several days. I learned the thickness, hardness and durability are big. But I can buy a bag ice (also to add an ice pack of the victim in the fridge to cool down) with beer, ice and water are not the last 24 hours. This coolant is more difficult, but seem no more than a regular refrigerator to get ice. Dissatisfied, and a fresher feel not worth the price. on 22 September 2014.