Please help to connect these traits as the picture.not in the tissues surrounding the lights for artistic reach: (,) are so awesome, I love it, but I think I ' you will see how you see something red in what to do to make my family tree, the colors are red and white. Ideas for use: holiday decorating event supports DecorPhoto (baby shower, farewell maiden marriage) perhaps in the Christmas tree? -Garland and lights in one! These are so easy to make! I the ivory wire for lunch and sea foam source program baptism June, adding a small spark June room for Christmas. Materials, you must: 1 garlands (I used white lights 50 CT.) 2 m of tulle (I have 2 meters, but could take longer, according to complete you want and fly) (optional) cut lace fabric squares and attach along the strands of lights (square work better than the bands to create the curly look). My seats were 7-8 fixed & on each side of each lamp. the premium version (ivory, reproduced above), plus large Cup squares of tulle, but rather link on Tulle, tulle wire limited upwards. ,,.