12 mg/dL bilirubin (indirect) between the normal term 0 - 3 mg/dl - Kemicterus-encephalopathy > 20 mg / dL in infants with spas 12 > & mg/dl premature indirect = can lead to paralysis, brain physiological jaundice jaundice within 48 - 72 hours (2-3 days) put the pathological jaundice of the morning sun within 24 hours. During the birth of jaundice. Breastfeeding jaundice caused by Pregnanediole Jaudice classification: 1 whitening of the skin and the sclerotic stool yellow front of babies, the nostrils or fuel staining Lee dark urine color light urine Mgt: photography Phototheraphy oxygen supply NSG RESP: 1 cover your eyes retina prevent damage 2 cover the genitals avoid painful erection, priapism next 3. change regularly the position to calculate 4 light itself. Increase the intake of fld properly under monitor dehydration 5 or & child monitor despite 6 v/s avoid the use of bronze lotion or oil of infant phototherapy = S temporary heat syndrome / phototherapy and weighing of the layer 1 gm = 1ccHead most of. 25 length Craniosinustosis or craniosynostosis baby FontanelHydrocephalus premature closure of Ant open fontanel, after 18 MOS small brain microcephaly due to HIV more MomAnencepahly & alcohol cerebral hemisphere of localized craniotabes lacks softening of the bones of the skull. Community first born child - Vit-B deficiency rickets easing runs skull soon (2 weeks before EDD) soft replaced greater caput edema of the scalp due to prolonged pressure BirthChar: 1 present birth2. Crossing the seam line 3 after 2-3 days disappear brain bleeding - blood collection for the joy of capillaries Pericostal char: 1. after 2-12-0 never seam 3. After 4 to 6 weeks 4 disappear. Monitor the development of jaundice, cradle of Seborrheic Dermatitis ” ‘ salmon scales comparison, grease stains of color, seen on the scalp, behind the ears and navel, because:-a bad HygieneMgt: 1 hygiene2 good. Shampoo OilHydrocephalus put on the eve of the oil a child to the accumulation of CSF1. extra ventricular communication hydrocephalus2. intraventricular communication Hydrocephalus or Hydrocephalusdue in tumor obstructive ObstructionSx ICP unusually large head, bulging of the Fontanelle high CRI Cushing triad firstborn acute diplopia eye deviation, balls Mono-tube vomit Fleming prominent skull prominent forehead vein EyesMgt sunset: position, to reduce the image semi-30 degrees of low ash AngleAdminister diuretic mannitol osmotic/Osmitrol(, production of CSF diversion - Diamex AzetamDecrease AV or VP shunt hair shaving (shunt) the deviation gold prevent the growth of micro org NSG Care: 1) VP go to the post page on a site not managed to avoid that increase ICP monitor for flower flowing good drenaje-signo –-– source blocked dome changing the shunt Fleming, the child more feeling that seems to simple view: 1 review. Check the 2 symmetry. Sclera – normal light blue can be a student white round IRIS Kolobom adult size parts misses the mark: opacity of white student round Keyhole of the cornea and congenital cataract lens & adult size l test of congenital glaucoma blindness common tests1. Newly general representation of the headquarters 12 10 “-Sehscharfe on 20/20200 ’ test eyes doll ceguera-final 10th 800 students in the opposite direction when you move your head Globellars test reflected Flash. Points in the surrounding the baby's nose flashes 2 children ninos-presentacion and the ability to track objects beyond on line 3 of the Center. at the age of 3 –-allgemeines look all maps Visual acuity test. Map Ishiharas photo plates of way 20 ft nurseries of Stereopsis test test test of blindness of color for the perception of depth and scope of the test cover cover 1 eye for 10 15 min –. Then delete. Strabismus 4 tests. school-age children adult - facet-Snellens trial ret Astoma ob retinal surprising signs of hypercalcemia: oatmeal ’ eye is painful red eye - glare reflected from the white student surgery Enucliation elimination of blindness of the nose of the eye socket Yes: 1 artificial nose ALE burning case RDS 2. Cyanosis resting post choanal atresia Nares hampered by the operating system or SX: resistance 1 membrane during insertion of the catheter 2. EMER surgery in nasal mucous membrane of normal type rhinitis 0 clock look pale smell and folding bandaged nose smell hair hair eyelashes without the nose of alleged cocaine nasal mucosa ulceration with Teen sitting UserEpistaxis of foot slightly forward facilitate drainage, soft pressure head bleeding, cold compresses Epinephrinemost developed a sense of the newborn develop the first sense of touch & duran ears disappearing hear: 1 properly aligned with cantus ear eyes low renal renal Aginesis sign any malformation of the kidney, in utero: nena Oligohydramniossign: Cordfailure 2 empty container under 24 Mgt: aberrations kidney transplant: nut age is 1-no-disyunciĆ³n trisomy 21 irregular division - down syndrome - a supernumerary chromosome 21-47xx + due to the advanced age of the SX father: SlantBroad HALs Mongolian snout protruding neck hypotones ’ puppies subject to ProblemSimean folk line RESP in the Palma sola. Trisomy 18 syndrome “ Edward ” Trisomy 13-Patau syndrome, Turner Synd Monosomy x-45 x 0 hit teenage characters during puberty few developed 2dary hard sex. Sterile Klinefelter Syndrome has 47 male genital XXY Secpndary of male sex characteristics development copy not the small voice deepening testicles, penis-Calvin Kline – SterileKlinefelter MaleTurner FemaleOtitis Tina Turner media inflammation of the middle ear. Because the older children cut the damaged fallopian tubes and causes 1.) Support 2 bottle). Cleft palate SX: Otitis1. tympanic membrane bulging, Pearl gray 2. Make sure that the reflection of the light of the absence 3. purulent vaginal discharge, Milky smell smell 4 URTINsg looking for attention: 1. check the side lying position assigned –, drainage, to facilitate the 2. Support rest in bed of care, increased intake Nlfd Mgt: 1 antibiotic massive dose of Med complication 2 bacterial meningitis. You use the ointment of school from above to below the ear. 5 diffuse 7mmScalp hair fine or coarse end fuzzy soft cloth & SilkyEar testicles of the thickness of cartilage and cartilage testicles scrotum down CanalScrotum location is some small intermediate conditions full testicles scrotum wide RugaeSigns of the BabiesBorn early after 20 weeks, after 37 weeks - footed frog or firm tail muscle of the problem of hypotone resp theme tone wave - wrist elbow onto shaft pos window scarf - angle of 90 degrees of the ear down mark abundant signs of wrist heal since term baby: 42 weeks > character old ’ classic facial scrub is peeling finger nails of sensitive skin and scale of responsibility for alarm NSG EyesNeonates Kinder when it receives walk infantil-correcta identification, fixation of the mother's thumb print along take normal length Anthropometic-21 195 inch or 47.5 cm, circumference 53 Cmhead.75 media 50 33-35 cm or 13 14 “ 14 ” > hidrocefalia-pecho 31 33 cm or 12 13 ” Abd 31 33 cm or 12 13 ” oil bath bano-pagina - for the child clean & Vernix caseosa spread the Vernix CaseosaFx 1. insulator2. the children bacteria static HIV + mother supply you reducing the transmission of HIV - bathroom 39 13% can be bad HIVFull cable, FallDressing data transfer if umbilical cord cord strictly aseptic to prevent tetanus3 clean in the Community1. Your handtohand campaign. Only cord3. Clean or povidone-iodine Surfacebetadine cable check AVA to clean and then drag the ship CordIf 2 3 malformations kidney-glass cable alleged left approx. 1 ” cable if BT or IV infusion lets ” 8-no nerve cord access control cable every 15 minutes for 6 hours 1 bleeding. 30 cord Bloodbleeding > Omphalagia DC HemophiliaCord 3 days darkened suspects & 7 fall less fall 10 days after granulation of umbilical cord 2 weeks Mgt: nitrate of silver or catheterization to clean with a spirit of normal saline Don ' t ’ Bigkis moisture stay urine, fistula of Uracus suspected that patents bet the normal bladder and Umbilicusdx: test Nitrazina card yellow urine Mgt: SurgeryCredes Dr. believes prophylaxis prevention to the newborn eye urethritis or conjunctivitis as past mother with Gonorrheadrug: ophthalmic ointment nitrate inside erythromycin Outersilver (previously) 2 drops of the conjunctival inferior (now unused) Stud-K to prevent bleeding r/t Hypoprothrombinemia Aquamephyton, Konakion diet or Vitamin K1. 5 1.5 ml in the wide lateral thigh or previous page 5 ml K BabyVit premature synthesized the normal bacterial flora of the intestine of Vit K medicines is because it is synthetic SterileWeight: weight normal 3,000 3400 gms / – 3.4 3 any kg/6, 5-7, 5 pounds less than 2500 limit birth weight GmLow delivered the baby. ,,.