Pop up Blocker settings must be visible, superimposed on the browser window. The first section of this window, called the exceptions can be used to specify that some pages that appear to allow pop-ups. Pop up does not verify each pop (recommended) button - ups site to display, and then click on Manage exceptions. Button. The pop-up Blocker Safari is built by default. You can change between with all blocked pop-ups or allow pop-ups activate the option delete the pop-up windows from the Safari menu. . High SitesSafari automatically identifies your Web sites Favorites and in form of thumbnails wall graphic displays. Your overview to see their best click sites. While browsing, Safari identifies websites that interests you, based more in frequency and when you visit a Web site. How the Web to explore and discover new websites, websites higher change meets your tastes.Plot outline with an icon of star on the new content from the top right of this page Web visited again whenever you want, had encircled sites again once, click your view top (sites) upper side is in the bookmarks bar.Manually add a web site to the main sites:. Field (section 3), you can type or paste the Web address to search for intelligent search address (URL) field/history and marker. If you start at an address in the address type, station with Safari called game hit albums most likely field is completed and highlighted automatically. Press simply highlight the Enter button to establish a connection with the site.When the top hit-do not visit, check the list of relevant suggestions from your Favorites and browsing history, the Safari screen. To do this, please click on the site that you visit or use the arrow keys to the site want to highlight, and then press ENTER. In addition, type or paste the full address of the site, if you wish.Search smart (Ref. 9) leave your search engine: Google, Yahoo! or Bing. in this area, you will find what you are looking for immediately. If you enter the text:. You'll see the worksheet below can add and arrange items on the shot bar, where you want to display. For example, you can add elements such as the Board of directors by open customize toolbar toolbar of Safari 5.1. do not pull the default settings in your system toolbar, if you want to restore default. * Together, these elements form 5.1 Safari toolbar. You can customize the toolbar of Safari, as described below to learn how.Note: OS X lion that can be modified in the Safari window each corner or edge. Click and drag the corner or edge you want to modify.The Safari 5 Pop Up Blocker Exceptions playlist in the list (item 4) is a quick way to post a link add to a Web page you want to read later. Tracking pages that have been read. Customize your items ToolbarIf to change, they are in your toolbar of Safari 5.1 or recover accidentally deleted something. . Safari is running in his place and expands to fill the screen. To exit mode full screen, press ESC on your keyboard (esc). In opens OS X LionWhen Safari continuous low Earth orbit or restart your Mac restores automatically open Safari Windows and tabs of the last browsing session, if you continue where he left.Tip: Safari open with any curriculum (Maj) Safari change opens. Safari opens the options on the general tab of the preferences, options Safari as your homepage Page.In Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows is selected, you can automatically restore Windows Safari on the general tab, the configuration of the Safari Safari drive (Rep. 6) a player may display Safari and others remove distractions of visuals online articles. How it works: while surfing the Web, Safari determines you if you are on a Web page containing an article. Click on the right side of the drive icon, the smart address field (section 3) or press ⌘ + keyboard shortcut + SHIFT + R (command + shift + R) sample is, and article is immediately displayed in a continuous vision without mass. You see, if each item - 2. the controls page appear on the screen, if you place the cursor in the center of the bottom of the page Web of the player. ? You can use it and zoom in and zoom out, e-mail or you print the contents of the drive and connect the player. Change the size of the text and Safari remembers it, however, the next time you read an article in Safari reader. Pages visited in the past with historical research complete find history SearchInstantly. To find a page that you want, type the search terms in the search history box in the most important sites. You can find all which brought together on a page, including the metadata for the photo as tags. There are titles or URLs complex without having to remember. Results of research shows Safari using cover flow, so you can scroll quickly by selecting the site through advanced graphics, you are looking for.A date display allows you to sort your history.Page focal lengths to change the size of the text of the Web page and GraphicsZoom in or out in the Web content using multi-touch, keyboard shortcuts keyboard gestures, or on the toolbar to read even more comfortable zoom button. Web page design is still photos and graphics of the scale, while the text is strong, all constantly keep also close. To add the toolbar button, select zoom can customize the toolbar in the menu see simply and drag the toolbar Schaltflache.verwenden ⌘ + shift + keyboard shortcut (command) to extend and ⌘ (command-control panel), to get away.In a trackpad, multi-touch can do zoom in and out for you pellizques, you can also type the keyboard shortcut ⌘ command + 0