The force of the gas built starts the Granada of the tube about 384 meters per second (117 metres per second). The sudden acceleration of leave the Grenade Launcher throws a piezoelectric igniter that ignites primers (delay Pyro powder mix). Then they lit the wick of Nitro, activate the rocket propulsion system (motor mounts) bring the rest of his career in Granada. Certain crystalline materials (e.g. quartz and Rochelle salt some ceramics) have a piezoelectric behavior. When pressure is applied to them, you get a charge separation in the glass and a voltage through the Crystal, which is sometimes very high. It turns out that one of its aircraft used a similar technology: rack, popping noises you hear a small spring hammer throws herself into a Crystal and generate thousands of volts by the sides of the glass to start. As the high voltage is the same as the tension that animates a candle with a gasoline engine. Crystal voltage causes a fairly large sparks ignite the gas in the starting eleven. This same type of technology can be used to detonate the bombs and missiles. There are different types of grenades, which can be used in the RPG-7. Some have a starting point, the rocket piezoelectric detonierende base (PIBD): which means that they are the effects of grenades. And many other delays during execution, so if it is not reached a target over a period of time (approximately 4.5 seconds) Grenade from self-destruction. A high explosive (HE) are often thrown grenades or mines anti-tank round explosive (heat).Impact grenades must be disarmed until they really separate as any accidental contact could pop. Because it has triggered the rule of a launcher, you must have a system of automatic activation. For some drawings, such as those described above, the activation system is caused by the explosion of the motor which drives the Grenade Launcher. In other designs Granada poor acceleration or rotation during his escape from the consideration of in support of delay detonators the same mechanism, including the craft shot, which would have allowed. The spark ignites a material for paperboard in the backup. Material of Burns in four second delay completely through. At the end of the period is the element of the connected Distributor. Burning material at the end of the light material delay detonator, thus using the warhead. New: our resin solid Russian RPG-7 screen, which is Krug living nothing less than impressive. It seems really, really only a few meters from there. It was led by a silicon mould a RPG-7-original in the collection of images and is therefore not only an exact 1: 1 - scale but it has the details of the real thing. It was German Rocket Propelled Grenade pleasant air brushed steel provide cold light and richness are looking for the warmth of the wood. Additional robustness, we add a steel structure that crosses most of the more sensitive areas of the pitcher. Detachable missile with United measures approximately 55 inches long and no moving parts, for it is Gebrauch.Das perfect for the screen and stage, show quality, alternative safe, affordable and robust you have thousands of dollars spend responsibly weapon Launcher. Ideal for lovers of the army, as the shots of support has significance not only for the epic theatre and film productions or a toy for the Kriegsspiele.Sie, but feels are too well how this launcher is a generous 10 pounds!History of the RPG: RPG - 7 (Russian: РПГ-7) a rocket launcher RPG is widely used, non-portable, shoulder launched anti-tank called. Works with a 40 mm launchers for ejecting gas from the snout to the missile from the launch tube. Originally, the RPG-7 and its predecessor, the RPG-2, have been of the Soviet Union are developed and now manufactured by the company Oleumnyj Zavod. The gun has 3 GRAU index 6. English term grenades, RPG, rocket powered, which means that even if frequent and reasonably relies not on a literal Ubersetzung.robustheit, simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness of the anti-tank gun RPG - 7 descriptive, most widespread in the world has become. Currently, more than 40 countries used the weapon and is produced in a number of variants by nine countries. It is also popular with irregular forces and the guerrillas. The RPG has been in almost all conflicts on every continent by the mid-1960s, the war of Vietnam to the current war in Afghanistan, deployed. the RPG-7 comes first to the Soviet army in 1961. Precise cooking the next best rate is still more difficult reality of 300 m range and with the RPG-7. During the Soviet tends to the invasion of Afghanistan Mujahideen weapon enough to use less than 80 metres. They served in the war of the Viet Nam against the introduction of lightly armored M113. The RPG-7 was the IRA in Northern Ireland from 1969 to 2005 temporarily, especially in Lurgan, County Armagh, used, where it is used against land by the British army and the military base of the town Hill kitchen requires. The IRA had used armoured vehicles to transport in the Catholic areas of Belfast West against army forward operating bases (FOB) and the staff of the British army. Parents Avenue was renamed Avenue RPG, there several times by the IRA elected to rocket attacks Mont.Deux US Black Hawk were RPGs in Mogadishu, Somalia Hubschrauber.Die Mujahideen (in Afghanistan) formed armoured vehicles of Hunter/killer teams, to destroy the whole to 15 missiles for armoured vehicles. ,,.